Gas Prices: Lowest Prices in Las Vegas Valley June 17, 2011

Gas prices are falling in Las Vegas but they have not tumbled the 50 cents per gallon as many predicted last month. The increase in travel during the summer months is one of the reasons prices in Las Vegas have not fallen steadily but there are more than a few stations in the Las Vegas area dropping below the $3.60 mark.

The best gas prices in the Las Vegas Valley can be found in North Las Vegas and Las Vegas. There are 14 gas stations in Las Vegas featuring gas prices below the $3.60 level and there are currently three stations in North Las Vegas that have dropped below the benchmark price.

Las Vegas Best Gas Prices Below $3.45

No. 1 Vegas Express 4421 E. Bonanza Rd. $3.43

This station is not located in an accessible area for many in Las Vegas. It is located on the corner of Bonanza and Lamb Blvd. and the price may be worth the added effort. Regular unleaded is priced at $3.53 per gallon and this price is the lowest in Las Vegas by two cents per gallon.

There are five gas stations with the next lowest price of $3.55 a gallon. The prices can be accessed by the website Vegas Gas Prices. None of the five locations are freeway close and most are in the same general area.

North Las Vegas Best Gas Prices Below $3.50

1. ARCO 2600 E. Cheyenne Ave. $3.50

The station is located near Interstate 15 and Cheyenne and is on the corner of Civic Center Dr. and Cheyenne. As a location with freeway access this station has one of the best prices for a freeway location at $3.50 per gallon for unleaded gas.

2. Rebel 3540 E Lake Mead Blvd. $3.49

This station is a longer distance from Interstate 15 on Lake Mead and Pecos Road. The location is easy to access and $3.59 price per gallon for unleaded but it ranks No. 2 based on the location.

3. Food4Less 2255 Las Vegas Blvd North $3.48

The Food4Less located on Las Vegas North is on the corner of Civic Center Dr. This is the toughest location to access of the three locations in North Las Vegas but the price is still right at $3.48.

Henderson Gas Prices Have not Dropped Below $3.60

No. 1 Breeze Rite Inn 6451 Boulder Hwy. 3.61

The City of Henderson is not enjoying the full drop in gas prices to this point. There is only one gas station with a price of $3.61 per gallon for unleaded and this station, the Breeze Rite Inn, is located out on Boulder Hwy. near the Sam Boyd Stadium on Russell Rd. The next lowest price in Henderson is $3.64 per gallon.


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