Gas Prices, Again

These gangsters, that’s right I said it, are stealing us blind. The no good thieves with their enablers in government are killing this economy. There is NO way gasoline should be almost $4 and diesel fuel over $4. The thieving bastards just bragged this week that they had a near trillion dollar year! WHAT!? We have our young men and women serving in their stinking, corrupt, flea infested no good countries and they are raking in over a trillion dollars!? We listen to their shariah rhetoric, blame ourselves for their plight and they are literally raping us economically. This has got to stop!

When gas went to $4 a gallon a few years ago, we began to see the huge decline in our economy. Now that it begins to show a little life, prices start to skyrocket again. Could it be planned, could it be purposeful to break this nation? I don’t think its out of the question. Could it be a coincidence that spring break season is upon us? I don’t think so. Wait until Memorial Day approaches. One of our fondest memories will be when gas was $1 a gallon.

The genius ideas expressed by many in the current administration is to take gasoline to $10 a gallon to force consumers to begin using alternative fuels and alternative means of transportation. That’s right, FORCE! These people are not our friends. They are community organizers, leftists who know more than any of us and they will force upon us what they think is right. It doesn’t matter if it jeopardizes the stability of the economy or not, they must have their agenda succeed. The only problem with that way of thinking is their agenda never succeeds!

If we continue to elect idiots who have no idea what they are doing, we will continue to get what we deserve. We have almost no leadership in D.C. and what is there should scare the hell out of any Republic loving American. Understand, they don’t see themselves as Americans first. They see themselves as Citizens of the World. They think the system we live under is antiquated and never really of any use in the first place. We should roll along with their global agenda without question. We should pay their $10 a gallon price for fuel, shut up and like it. We should get our sorry butts on public transportation. We should turn down our thermostats, or better yet, let them control them from their elegantly decorated, climate controlled mansions.

You see, they are no different than the Castro’s, Qaddafi’s, Hussein’s, Assad’s and Admadinejad’s of the world. They believe, like these loons, that they know best for you and you are incapable of making decisions for yourself. Well guess what? WE DON”T AGREE! We believe in LIBERTY! We will NOT surrender our Liberty! We will not surrender. This is bigger than the cost of gas, but it is an indicator of those in charge and their UN centric, global agenda.