Garmin Forerunners GPS Pave the Way

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, Garmin introduces the newest addition to their line of GPS running watches, the Garmin Forerunner 610. This is Garmin’s first sport watch to feature a touch screen. The Forerunner 610 is Water-resistant and meets IPX7 standards, which means it is submersible to 1 meter for 30 min. Naturally, it can also withstand sweat and rain, but in spite of this toughness, it’s sensitive enough to be used while wearing running gloves. Simply tap or swipe the touch screen to view performance data, scroll through menus and even change settings.

With the Garmin 610 runners still get all the important statistics they’re accustomed to including distance, pace, calories, GPS location and more. Already being described as Garmin’s new flagship model, this Forerunner offers vibrating alerts for when beeping alerts cannot be heard. Additionally, Garmin has included a run/walk alert to help runners keep track of their running and waking intervals while training.

Garmin has the Virtual Racer and the Training Effect which are two features that help improve a runner’s overall workout. With the Virtual Racer, runners can compete against themselves or others using the Garmin Connect website. By contrast, the Training Effect tracks a runner’s training intensity with the goal of developing the most effective workout. Training Effect offers suggestions on how runners can improve both their fitness and statistics.

By now you have probably guessed that, with all the new features and updates, the Forerunner 610 is more than just another sports watch; it is trainer, a coach and a loyal running partner. Dan Bartel, Garmin’s Vice President of Worldwide Sales, touts the Forerunner’s benefits, explaining, “Running with a Forerunner 610 is like having a coach with you every step of the way. From giving the basics such as pace, distance and time to monitoring your effort through heart rate, creating interval workouts and racing a friend on the other side of the world, the Forerunner 610 becomes a necessary partner for all serious runners.”

The Garmim 610 comes in two distinctive models: (1) the Heart Rate Monitor and (2) the Fitness Monitor. See the various options offered by each model at GPS City. An optional foot pod, which is sold separately, transmits speed and distance data without the use of satellites. This is a terrific option for use indoors or during snow storms. The following accessories will be included with your purchase of the Forerunner 610; the Garmin USB ANT stick, charging cradle, AC adaptor and Forerunner manuals.

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