Gardening Guide: Dwarf Fruit Trees for Faster Fruit

Fruits are sweet and delicious but they are good for you too. Fruits are a great snack that you can fill good about eating. For gardeners fruit trees are a great addition to any garden. While fruit tress offer many advantages such as giving you fruit and being easy to take care of compared to some vegetables they have one major drawback. Fruit trees often take years to produce fruit. Even once a tree does produce fruit it can take years before it starts to produce a decent amount of fruit. If you are not inclined to wait years for your own fruit then there is a faster option to get all your favorite fruits. You can just get dwarf trees. To find out more about dwarf trees and how they can get you fruit sooner you will have to keep reading.

Dwarf trees are like regular trees but they do not grow as big and they also do not take as long to bear fruit. Since they do not grow as big you might think that the fruit will not be as big as standard fruit but for most dwarf plants this is not true. There are some dwarf plants such as the dwarf pomegranate that does produce half size pomegranates but most dwarf fruit trees produces full size fruit. The fruit also taste the same even half size fruit taste the same as the full size fruit.

Some of these dwarf plants can be found at your local hardware store. Dwarf citrus are easy to find at you local hardware store. The most common dwarf citrus is the lemon which you can buy at a local hardware store as a live plant. You can also find live lemon dwarf plants for sale online or even find the seeds. Other dwarf citrus are the lime and orange. Finding dwarf citrus online is hard for some reason. If you want a dwarf citrus your best bet is a local hardware store. The dwarf citrus offer you the regular size fruit. The live plants cost more then seeds but they are often less expensive then the same plant the same size that is not dwarf and the dwarf will produce fruit as early as the first season.

There are other kinds of dwarf trees besides citrus. Most hardware stores will not have them in their garden department though. You might not even be able to find many of these at nurseries. Some dwarf fruit that you can buy include papaya, pomegranate, and various forms of guava. This is not a complete list but gives you some examples. Most of these plants you can buy seeds and grow your own. These plants are harder to start from seeds then many other plants. The papaya is particularly hard to grow from seed.

If you do not want to grow dwarf plants from seed then you can find most dwarf plants live online at sites like ebay or Amazon. These plants have already started to mature. They cost more then buying seeds. The older and bigger they are the more they will cost. These are still cheaper then buying the same tree in standard size.

Dwarf plants can be planted outside or they can be kept smaller by placing them in pots which will allow them to be brought in during the winter. If you grow a dwarf plant outside and plant them they will grow to be much closer in size to the standard plant.

Since they are cheaper, smaller, and faster to grow there is little reason not to grow a dwarf tree. I would highly recommend dwarf fruit trees to all ganders. Even if you mostly grow vegetables or flowers a dwarf tree can really add to the aesthetics of a garden.