Gardening Blogs that Will Help and Inspire You

A great way to get lots of information about gardening tips and plants is to visit gardening blogs. Blogs are basically online journals and you can learn how to plant certain items, make a raised bed, or learn about soils from gardening blogs.

Gardeners are proud of their achievements and a gardening blog gives them the opportunity to show off their achievements as well as explain how they created something. As a gardener, I visit garden blogs often and I’ve listed the ten best gardening blogs for do-it-yourselfers and the reason why I like them.

Cold Climate Gardening Blog

I find this gardening blog very unique as it has bloggers from all the “cold” states and countries. Bloggers on this site deal with the trials and tribulations of cold weather gardening. I especially like the ability to hear from other gardeners in my state and what successes and failures they’re having.

Newgardener Blog

There’s a wealth of information on this gardening blog and I visit it frequently. It’s not just for new gardeners but for experienced gardeners also. I usually find the topic that I’m looking for on this gardening blog. Topics such as herbs, perennials, pests, soils, gardening tips and tools can be found here. Lots of nice photos too!

From Seeds to Harvest

Have you tried planting from scratch? Need step-by-step instructions? This gardening blog focuses mainly on what seeds need to sprout and what trouble signs to look for as they’re growing. There’s other gardening topics too, and I usually check in with this gardening blog quite frequently in the spring as I begin planting inside and outside.

Denver Botanic Gardens Blog

I frequently check in with this local botanical garden as they post special gardening events. As a gardener, I like to attend local gardening events to learn about new plants, new gardening techniques, new tools, different companies, and whatever else is being offered. I realize that most of you reading this do not live in the Denver area and that’s okay. My point is that you should check out your local botanical garden and bookmark their site. Gardening isn’t just digging in the dirt; it’s a constant learning experience.

Backyard Gardening

This is another informative gardening blog where you’ll find information on making compost, raised beds, planting trees, growing tomatoes, and more. Chris is the gardener on this blog and he’ll answer any gardening questions that you have.

The Manic Gardener

Need information on organic gardening? The Manic Gardener is a great resource to learn about organic gardening. Besides the many different topics in organic gardening, I especially like the food and recipes category on this gardening blog. When you harvest your next garden, check out the recipes on this site.

Garden Voices on GardenWeb

Garden Voices is a blog on the GardenWeb site. Just click on ‘Blogs’ when you get to GardenWeb’s homepage. There are many photos on this site as well as journals from gardeners about how their garden is coming along. I get many interesting tips and tricks from this gardening blog.

Fresh Dirt

Sharon Cohoon writes this blog as well as gardening articles for Sunset Magazine. She tours flower shows as well and gives information on ordering seeds and growing vegetables. She’s in California but she has ideas that you can use in your own area.

The Gardener’s Anonymous Blog

Okay, we all need humor in our lives and this blog has many funny stories. I call this blog the “lighter side of gardening.” It’s a great blog where gardeners have failed in something or something goes wrong and they look at the lighter side. Have you ever planted seeds only to look out the window and see your kids or grandkids playing soccer on that area? Instead of tearing your hair out, smile, and look at the lighter side of things. Then ground the kids.

Noel’s Garden Blog

I visit this blog mainly because it’s interesting and inspiring. Noel Kingsbury is a writer and teaches gardening. He lives in England and his photos are very inspiring. What I like about his gardening blog is that he has a beautiful English garden which is something I’ve always wanted and have tried to create in Colorado. He visits other countries and tours botanical gardens and other garden-type places while writing for Gardens Illustrated magazine.

This site also has links to other gardeners some of which are in the United States, but you can visit gardeners in Uruguay, Germany, and the United Kingdom. I find it interesting to see what gardeners are doing in other countries. I have a passion for great looking gardens and I get inspiration from looking at a well-planned garden. Just look at the garden photo on Noel’s home page. It knocks me out and inspires me to create gardens like that.

All sources are embedded in the article.