GameFly, is it Right for You?

One of the most aggravating things as a gamer is the financial burden it poses. Games cost $60 new now-a-days, and that sure isn’t anything to shake a stick at. As a poor college student, I was becoming worried that I wouldn’t be able to afford my favorite hobby, playing video games, any longer. Cue GameFly commercial. After seeing an ad on the television, I decided to give this so called “game rental mail in service” a try. Boy am I happy that I did. I can now play as many games as I wish, with just a short delay for shipping in between. Here are some pros and cons to help you decide whether GameFly would be worth it for you.


Fast shipping

Many people don’t have quite the same opinion as me on this one. I have been amazed with the shipping times for my GameFly games so far. The longest I have had to wait for a game has been three days, not a bad turnaround time if you ask me. Unfortunately, if you don’t live near a distribution center, times may push four or five days for you, which would start to get aggravating after a while.

Save lots of money

The second pro that I really love about GameFly is the savings that I have seen since using it. Instead of paying $60 for a new game that I would play for a few weeks and then be done with, I pay $15 a month for as many games as I can handle, each for as long as I want.

Lets me experience new games

The final pro that I really love about GameFly is definitely that this service allows me to try out games that I would definitely not have spent retail price on. This allows me to be well rounded as a gamer, and have lots of fun in the process.



This one could really go in the pros section depending on how you look at it. For $15 a month, I am theoretically saving $30 over buying a new game every two months. However, if you rarely buy new games, the price would definitely be a deterrent for you.

Lack of availability

Sometimes games can be hard to get a hold of, especially when they are new or in high demand. You might have to wait a while before you can get the newest blockbuster title, but in my case, if the game was that popular in the first place I would have just bought it outright anyway.


GameFly is a great service for gamers who would otherwise spend large amounts of money on new games, and people who go through games quickly. The shipping speed is top notch, unless you don’t live near a distribution center.Give GameFly a try today!