FurReal Friends Snuggibles Pets

Have you heard of the Hasbro FurReal Snuggimals Friends line of toys? They are new to me as well, but they are so cute I had to buy one for the little girl in my childcare facility. Walmart has a fine line of Snuggimals animals, including several dogs and kittens. Some of the animals stand upright and some lay on their backs. All of them are extremely cute and snuggly.

Our FurReal Snuggaimals Friends White Puppy is adorable. He measures about five inches by three and a half inches wide, and is made of a very soft plush fake fur. The body of the Snuggimals is hard because there is a battery pack placed inside. The head is also hard because it has a mechanism inside that allows it to raise and lower its head when the back of the puppy is pushed. The tail also wags back and forth!

The face on this puppy is adorable, with brown eyes and a black nose. The ears are floppy but are sewn down for some odd reason. I simply snipped the string and now his ears can be moved and the pink lining inside of them is visible. There are pink pads on the bottom of his feet as well, one of them bearing the FRF (FurReal Friends) logo.

FurReal Snuggimals pets come with a “PowRFuel” AA size alkaline battery, and a Phillips head screwdriver is needed to replace it. The puppy is displayed in a cardboard box that looks like a dog house, with a “Try Me!” invitation on the front that allows you to see how the dog moves when you press his back.

Also included is a miniature collector book showing the other Snuggimals available, including eight puppies, bunnies, kittens and a seal. The book tells you how to create an adoption certificate by going online. While there you can also play games and watch videos.

The “Care Guide” has instructions for cleaning the Snuggimals White Puppy. It states the there is a sensor on the back of the toy that triggers the puppy to raise his head and wag his tail When you pet your puppy. I ran my hand across the puppy in a petting motion, but it didn’t trigger any movement. Downward pressure is needed near the tail, and you will hear a click when the button has been activated. The battery is enclosed in the tummy and the Velcro style closure makes it easy to access.

Care should be taken not to get the Snugginals wet, but their fur can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The guide also warns not to leave the toy in direct sunlight because high temperatures “Will destroy the mechanism”.

This toy is appropriate for children ages four and up, but my younger children enjoy watching the puppy move. The retail price is around $10.00, so they aren’t terribly expensive. All the children in my childcare enjoy playing with the FurReal Snuggimals White Puppy.