Funky Fungi: Crochet Mushroom Pattern

For this project you will need to know how to crochet chains, single crochets and double crochets, and how to make increases and decreases. Some experience with crochet in the round is recommended, or you may watch these instructional videos.

Materials Variegated yarn – a “fuzzy” yarn, such as fur or boucle, is excellent
Crochet hook
Rock, about the size of a 50 cent piece
Optional Plastic button or googly eyes, sand or rice & ¼ yard of dense fabric, pink and white felt, sticky back rhinestones

Chain four, then connect the circle with a slip stitch. Complete 2 rows using single crochet, completing one increase per row to keep the piece mostly flat. For the third and fourth rows, make an increase every four stitches. On the fifth row, make an increase every three stitches. Continue in single crochet, adding extra increases on every other row, until the work is as large as you want the base of the mushroom to be. Your yarn and mushroom size choices will determine how many rows this will be.

Once the bottom is as wide as you want, do two single crochet rows without any increases. You may continue at the size until the stem is the length you want or you may start completing decreases beginning on the third row after you stopped increases. This will add a nice tapered flare to the stem which adds a bit of realistic curve to the mushroom.

When the stem is as high as you want, complete the next row by making two double crochet stitches in every stitch in the round. This should create a nice wavy flare for the underside of the cap. If you want a larger cap, create one or more additional rows in single crochet, increasing only every 3-5 stitches, just enough to allow the flare to stay mostly flat.

Fasten off. Stuff the stem as full as you can, adding a rock after the first thin layer, to weight the bottom and keep the mushroom from tumbling. You can also sew fabric into small pillows and fill these with sand or rice to stuff and weight the bottom.

Slide your hook back into the work from the inside. Make a slipknot and pull it back through with your hook as you would a yarn over, just to the knot. Yarn over and pull through, just as for a single crochet. Continue this row with single crochets, adding a decrease every 4-5 stitches. Repeat until there is only an inch-wide opening left in the top to finish. Stuff the mushroom. Complete the remaining rows, fasten off and hide the ends.