Function & Style with Cargo Pants for Women

Although millions of women throughout the world have taken to the casual wear trends designers like Elan International are developing, there are still a few sceptics out there. Cargo pants for women have been growing in popularity steadily over the past few years and they are back again for the spring fashion season of 2011. This year you will see them in more than just the neutral colors like olive and beige, they are back in bolder colors and with even more function if you can believe that.

Cargo pants are perfect for women looking to experience comfort while creating a street chic trend at the same time. If you are worried that cargo pants are too masculine for your style, it is important to realize the major differences between men’s cargo pants and the pants for women designers have created. Men’s cargo pants are designed mainly for fishing and hunting activities; they are baggy and purely functional. The cargo pants for women that have been adopted have been tailored to fit a woman’s body nicely, not baggy and without shape. Because we are speaking about cargo pants you can be sure there will be side pockets on the legs but what really makes cargo pants the perfect spring and summer choice for women is the cropped length they can be found in today.

The cropped style allows for an even more feminine appearance and one that many women are jumping on board with. Casual tops are definitely more suited towards this complete casual wear outfit but there are some fashion tops on the market as well that can be easily paired with this comfortable pair of pants. Fashion tops that may include the off the shoulder style and definitely the bubble top. Cargo pants are meant to fit low on the waist and hang off the hips for that ultra-casual appearance. You will find this spring that casual pants have expanded on their color choices providing you with white, brown and even pinks and yellows!

This spring line is all about bold colors and the cargo pants have not been left out of this mix. If you are into the color blocking trend of 2011 you can easily do this with your new yellow cargo cropped pants. Pair these new pants for women with a bright pink bubble top and maybe even a blue fashion handbag and you’ve instantly combined two of the hottest trends in the women’s clothing industry utilizing only 2 pieces of casual wear clothing.

You can see just how easy it is to utilize casual wear fashions and yes it is true that cargo pants are not only fashionable but they are functional as well. If you are an active and sporty woman than you will definitely appreciate all the pockets within these pants for long hikes and bike rides. There is no rule that states your clothing has to be functional or fashionable, why not have both?