Fun Rock Songs for Summer

If you love rock music and sweet summertime, here are some fun and great summer rock tunes for your listening pleasure. These are some of my personal favorites. Enjoy!

Vacation by the Go Go’s. This song is timeless and from the 1980 era. This one has fun, sun and vacation, all in one tune. It is unforgettable and makes you want to enjoy summer. Always.

Hot In Herre by Nelly. This steamy hip hop song is smoking. It heats up everyone and gets all in that summer party mood. This song is on the very popular cd Nellyville and it is a hot winner. You know what to do. A 2002 number one hit. Dig it.

Hot Blooded by Foreigner. This cool summer song is from the 1980 era and it rocks. Whew. Steamy and with a great beat. You can dance to this one. Lots of summer rock fun here. Check it out.

California Girls by David Lee Roth. This song rocks and is wild. In fact, the entire Crazy From the Heat cd is memorable. Cali girls always makes one think of summer. For sure. Surf is up.

Hotter Than Hell by KISS. Well, now, summer does not get any hotter than this. Steaming. I love this band and this song heats up the summer well. It is a must play for those summer steamy nights.

Holiday by Madonna. Yes, this classic is needed for a true summer holiday. This song always makes me smile and want to dance. Clothes are optional but, dancing is a must. You know how!

Island Girl by Elton John. Imagine yourself on a tropical island, dancing, drinking and enjoying. That is this song. It is a bit of an oldie, but a goodie. Really good and smooth. This is a summer best rock song classic. All the way. Cool for summer rock.

Fire Your Guns by AC/DC. Now, get ready to move with this rocking song. It rocks you hard and makes you want to dance. It is hot, powerful and you can even head bang to it. Thanks, Angus! After hearing this one, you will want to cool down with a cold drink. Ah.

Far Away Eyes by the Rolling Stones. This one will chill you, thrill you and make you laugh. What more can you ask? It is a classic and it always makes me think of summer.

Emotional Rescue by the Rolling Stones. Yes, since we have gotten in the stones mood, this one will do just fine. It is actually one of my very favorite stones songs. It is the one. It beats back the summer heat. With a vengeance.

Harlem Shuffle by the Rolling Stones. This one is funky, groovy and it makes you slide. Not many songs can do that. Grab a drink and shuffle off. This song is too cool and it is a best summer rock songs classic. Ride that pony. But, be careful.

Streets Of Love by the Rolling Stones. This song is emotional, strong, wicked and moving. It is sweet and summery. What a different beat. Ride the wave of this one and cool it. It is worth it.

Shakin by Eddie Money. This one is memorable, rocking and just darn hot. It reminds us of summertime teen thrills and hot love. We know. We enjoy. Play it loud. Sigh. You will be snapping your fingers. I promise.

Two Tickets To Paradise by Eddie Money. Wanna run off to island with a hot lover and enjoy? Well, here is a song about it. A summer heat favorite. This tune is fabulous and takes you where you want to go.

Take Me Home Tonight by Eddie Money. A blend of traditional sixties, fabulous eighties and a place beyond all that, somewhere in heaven. That is where this song takes you. It reminds me of summer fun and love. What can be better than that? Be my little baby? Yeah.

Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits. A favorite song of mine, this one is classic, fantastic and rocking groovily along. It makes me think of a sultry summer night. The guitars are heavensent and the tune is magnificent. Enjoy. Vocals from an angel. No doubt.

Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits. A singer from a street, a lovely girl listening from a high balcony, well, can’t you tell, this is summer passionate heat? It is and it is beautiful. A must listen and this one will make you want to serenade your love tonight. Dance slow and very close. Sigh.

Tunnel Of Love by Dire Straits. This song is a carnival type rock journey through love, but it always makes me think of summer, too. It is a touching song with a good beat and memorable lyrics. A dreamy tune that wakes you up into reality and the bittersweet. Love the ride.

Skateaway by Dire Straits. This song is about rock and roll, life, music, movies and skating. A movie maker of a tune and imaginable, unforgettable and it swings with a summer breeze. Softly. Rolling on. I love it. It is on the Making Movies cd and you want to check it out. We all make our own movies every day. This song proves it.

I Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love by the Outfield. This one is a classic and a winner. It is one of my very favorite pop rock summer songs and if you have a romantic heart beating in your chest, you will love it. Even if you don’t, you might want to take notice. Girls go crazy, dance around and scream to this one. I am not kidding. It is sweet, it is desire. It lights my fire and it gives all with honesty. Gotta love that. Yeah. You can laugh or just smile and dance. This song is a good reason for summer sweat.

These are my very favorite fun top rock summer songs choices and I worked hard on this one. It was a labor of love. Have a cool and rocking summer! Thank you for reading.