Fun Earth Day Newspaper Project

Earth day is April 22, 2011, and this is usually the day that many schools do projects to help kids learn about the earth. It is really no different for homeschoolers. One project that has always been a lot of fun in our home school is to make an earth day newspaper project. Not only will your children be learning about the earth, but they will also be learning about how to write and put together their own newspaper.
Below you will find a few suggestions on how you can help your children make a fun newspaper that features amazing earth day topics.

Give each child a job

You can start by giving each of your children a job for the paper based on their age group. For older children you can give them the job of finding the stories for the newspaper, and writing the summaries for them. Younger kids can focus on making their own pictures based on different locations around the world. Each child can have their own page in the newspaper, which will make it fun and interesting. Prior to even start with making your newspapers, assign them all jobs. You can help younger children by writing up little summaries that go along with their newspapers.

Learn about how newspapers are made

Before you start on your earth day project, you can have a lesson on how a newspaper is created and put together. For a few ideas and suggestions for the lesson plan you can click here.
Once you have gone through the lesson plan the kids can get started with getting information for their earth day newspaper. Even younger kids will enjoy learning about how newspapers are made, if they can have a part in creating their own newspaper pages.

Earth day topics

It can really be a lot of fun to explore earth day topics, around the world. This would really make for a great feature article for your kids earth day newspaper. They can use the internet to search online for different activities that kids do around the world on earth day. Not only will this help them learn more about earth day, but they will also learn about different cultures as well. I have often found it to be a good idea to have the kids make a list of topics that they would like to include in their section of the newspaper. You can even have a story on projects that you are doing around the house, which is environmentally friendly.

Professional printing

Once their earth day newspaper is all finished and put together you can go to a printer and have it professionally printed up. If you do this each year, you will have an amazing scrapbook that you can look back on year after year. By having it professionally printed, and then storing it so that it will last it will really make all of the difference. To end the project you can have the kids take a picture together with their newspaper sections. This can be placed in the back of the paper. Another idea after you get the newspaper professionally printed is to mail a copy to close relatives like grandparents. They will love receiving an earth day newspaper from their grandkids, and it will also help them to see what their grandkids are learning about.