Frustrated About Burning Belly Fat?

Mental Patterns/Programs run our lives. What I realized about my ‘patterns’ is that my subconscious was running Programs that I had picked up as a child and I have continued “down loading” more right into the present (as we all do). Except NOW I know how to recognize and get rid of them before they Sabotage me. I’m just making you AWARE of why people live Ground Hog Day their entire lives.

A personal story: I was in Junior High at age 13 and had joined Glee Club on my way to my goal to be in the choir. I mentioned I was a shy kid and this was a huge step for me because the teacher would call each of us up to the piano and make us sing scales in front of all our peers so she could place us in the proper vocal section. I was a pretty talented singer and could reach three octaves as a High Soprano. Toward the end of the year, teach was quite distraught because SOMEONE was off key! Long story short… it was me.

My voice was changing… just like the boys my age. Unfortunately instead of understanding… good ole teach called me out and berated me in front of the entire Glee Club. I’ve NEVER sung another note in public since… The “program”? I’m a lousy singer, no one wants to hear that cat squalor, I should just keep my mouth shut and Pretend to sing, I give people headaches, I have an ugly voice… Gee Thanks Teach!

Thus you have a Perfect example of how negative programs are embedded in our subconscious. Unfortunately most of them much more subtle, and we aren’t even aware we are being programmed! Even though I now know better, I still don’t sing, not even around the campfire. And the worst program I took in from that experience was: Goals Don’t Work… Not even to Burn Belly Fat Fast!

My folks went through bankruptcy, My husband had a Fire, My father’s partner cleaned him out, I’ve seen dozens of people on TV have a heart attack or have diabetes, My mother-in-law had the same cancer I wound up with… Gee do you think I could have gotten any of my programs from them? I don’t blame them and I won’t take the blame, but I did take the responsibility and Did something about all my self-sabotaging programs!

Most people have heard this… some haven’t: The definition of INSANITY is… Doing what you’ve always done and expecting a different outcome. Like going to the refrigerator over and over and expecting to find something new to appear. Or like eating too much and expecting to Burn Belly Fat Fast. So in actuality: If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. (More Belly Fat Fast)

Here I put a little twist on it…
If you always think the way you’ve always thought, you’ll only get what your subconscious has bought! (No Burning Belly Fat Fast) Not wanting to DO something about stink’n think’n… THAT sounds even More Insane to me!

I’m Not trying to Convince you anything is WRONG or needs to be FIXED. I’m ASKING you… What patterns/programs do you see in YOUR life, your Health? Any negative programs about Burning Belly Fat Fast?

Give yourself a chance to have a New, Happy, Fulfilling, Unbelievably Healthy Life of Abundance in Every Form… With NO Belly Fat.

At the very least, Give it some consideration. That is, Unless, you are not interested in dropping patterns and programs and having miraculous healings, tremendous prosperity, and powerful loving relationships. (And NO more Belly Fat)

This may not be THE answer, but it IS One answer to stop Repeating Ground Hog Day and Burn Belly Fat Fast…

To Your Brighter, Healthier Tomorrows… (If “deprogramming” didn’t work, I wouldn’t have been able to write this!)