Frugality 101 – 6 Rules for Saving Money

Frugality may seem like deprivation at first thought, but by making some simple, empowering changes, you can easily stop wasting money and effortlessly start saving money .

Rule #1: Get rid of your monthly paid TV (cable/satellite) bill.

There is plenty of high-quality content available on good old network television, so long as you have a digital-to-analog converter box, or a television set equipped with built-in digital capability. Many of the most popular, highly rated programs are featured on free channels.

The internet features hit TV. and web shows, movies and more, galore, all for free. Paid content is also available for a fraction of what the cable/satellite companies used to charge.

Rule #2: Stop paying for a land line.

The internet can be used to turn your PC into a home phone for free, or for a fraction of the monthly cost of a land line. If you are wasting money on a land line you don’t need, stop!

Rule #3: Stop buying magazines.

The next time you shop for groceries, resist the urge to buy a magazine while in line at the check-out stand. Yes, it is only a couple of bucks, and you deserve a little treat, however, the treat is twice as sweet when it’s (guilt) free.

Many popular magazines are available to check out at your local library. Go ahead and grab plenty of choice selections, and enjoy them at home for free. The more people check out magazines, the more magazines the library will stock.

Rule #4: Stop renting videos.

While visiting the library, check out the selection of available DVD’s. You may be pleasantly surprised! Many new titles appear on library shelves, and requests can be made for DVD’s not yet available. As with magazines, the more folks check out, the more the library will stock.

Rule #5: Keeping up with the Joneses? Don’t!

Friends and neighbors who display all the trimmings of success are sometimes masking impending threats of foreclosure, repossession, and crushing debt.

Don’t be tempted to overspend in order to appear successful to others. Wasting money on flash is no longer as fashionable as it once was. In an age of economic uncertainty, frugality is the new black.

Rule #6: Change your attitude about pocket change.

Whether living financially flush, or on a shoestring budget, your attitude towards your money counts. Wasting money, even in small amounts, is destructive behavior that causes guilt and regret.

Practicing frugality shows respect and appreciation for your hard-earned money, while increasing spending power. Saving money by refusing to waste money is great for your bottom line as well as your attitude.