Frugal Baby Shower Hosting Considerations

Baby showers can be a source of anxiety for the planner, especially if it’s your first one. If planned correctly, baby showers can be wonderful events where new moms get everything they need for their baby while having a fun time with family and friends. As the host of the baby shower, it is your job to make sure this event is as memorable as possible without breaking the bank. You will need to know just a few tips in order to plan a fantastic baby shower.

Use virtual baby shower invitations

Invitations can be pricey, so this is a great place to save money. Most people just throw away invitations as soon as the event is over, or even as soon as they receive it and record the date on their calendar. Don’t waste your money! There are so many creative ways to save money on baby shower invitations. You could print the invitations yourself or send out electronic invitations. You may want to consider setting up a social network event, or perhaps even a blog chronicling updates for the baby shower. Online communication will really make your job easier when it comes time for RSVPs and guest lists. Social networking also offers a convenient and interactive way for guests to make suggestions and have their voice heard in the planning process.

Make planning more convenient by collaborating with friends and family. If you aren’t close with some family members, you will probably want help creating a guest list. The sister or cousin of the new mom could be a big help to you.

Look for cheap or free venues

You may be worried about spending a big chunk of the budget on the baby shower location, but a great location doesn’t have to be expensive. Consider asking it your church or other place of worship can be used for a baby shower. If you have friends or family with large appropriate spaces, you can also ask if it can be held there. Assure them that you will do the cleanup afterward to waylay any post-baby shower concerns. Finding a free or cheap location will help you keep your budget under control.

Plan appealing food choices

Food is probably one of the most important elements in your baby shower planning. A little careful planning can ensure great food, while still staying inexpensive. Serve small, inexpensive appetizers, or have your guests contribute to a potluck dinner. You may even have your guests help prepare the food as part of the shower. Serving small appetizers or finger food can also eliminate the need for silverware.

Select fun baby shower games

Don’t forget the games! These unique baby shower activities are what make the event fun and memorable. If you are at a loss for ideas, don’t worry: There are many different sources of inspiration both online and offline. You can look at game ideas on the internet or ask other guests. If you are really stumped, then you might consider calling someone who has previously hosted a baby shower. A past host can be a great resource for game ideas.

Get gifts that will be appreciated

You can’t throw a baby shower without the gifts. Be sure you have access to all the gift registries, and make sure that all of your guests have that registry information. Ideally, the new mom will have a wide range of price points on her wish list, making it easy for any guest to purchase something she has already said she wants. A baby shower is meant to be fun, but the main objective is ensuring that all of the needs for the new baby are met.