Frozen Weight Watcher Meals for Weight Loss: 5 Points to Consider

Weight Watcher meals offer several positive points about them, but do the positive points outweigh the negative points? If you’re thinking of using the Weight Watcher meals for weight loss, here are 5 points to consider before loading up your freezer with these diet meals:

Easy to use. Weight Watcher meals are certainly easy to use. All you have to do is pull your favorite Weight Watcher’s meal out of the freezer, pop it in the microwave, and eat it once it’s done. Doing the dishes is an even easier task because you get to throw away the plastic dish the meal comes in. This is the one best point about Weight Watcher meals

High in Carbohydrates. Sure the Weight Watcher meals taste good, but so many of the Weight Watcher meals are full of carbohydrates. Too many carbohydrates can slow down the weight loss process, so does it really serve the dieter well to eat so many? Just about every Weight Watcher meal has either a flour product (such as macaroni or bread) or potatoes in it.

Some carbohydrates are good, but not for every meal, so this means that you really cannot rely totally on Weight Watcher meals if you intend to control your carbohydrates. Weight Watchers did (at one time) have one or two meals that offered meat and vegetable, but these meals are hard to find on the market these days. Could you not eat regular food with lower carbohydrates?

Heavy use of sauces. The Weight Watcher meals seem to make heavy use of sauces. For instance, if you eat the Spaghetti with Meat Sauce, you’ll be able to drain off a large portion of the sauce and still enjoy the spaghetti. Draining off part of the sauce may save you a point (or a portion of it), but you’re still throwing away part of your meal. Couldn’t Weight Watchers use less sauce?

Weight Watchers also puts out a delicious meal called Sante Fe Rice and Beans. This meal is the best meal you can buy for your money because it’s delicious, and it’ll satisfy you for awhile, at least. You certainly don’t feel deprived when you eat this Weight Watcher meal and it may be because it holds a hefty portion of white, creamy sauce that you mix in once the meal is heated. Too much sauce?

A Waste of Points. You could certainly find other foods that would fill you up more and make better use of your points than the Weight Watcher meals do. Sure, the Weight Watcher meals taste good and are easy to use, but they utilize your points really quickly, especially if you eat the Weight Watcher desserts. One small Weight Watcher dessert will cost you almost the same points as a meal.

Costly food items. You can probably find the best price for Weight Watcher meals at your local Wal-Mart store. You can likely get some meals for just a bit under $2 per meal, but what can you eat in regular food for less cost? The breakfast meals are really expensive. You’ll be paying high dollars to eat simple items that you can easily make on your own for the same amount of calories, so why pay the high prices of ready-made food? One item isn’t bad, but you’ll really notice the cost once you buy a week’s supply.

*The Weight Watchers Program may be a successful one, but think twice before you rely on the frozen Weight Watcher meals. They quickly absorb your points and your money.