From the Desk of God

When Harold sent a message to the world, that it was ending, many laughed, few believed, but mostly all belittled the man for his efforts. Camping, predicted this in 1994 as well as on May 21st 2011. Many laughed at him but deep in their heart I think they were actually secretly waiting for something. This is the equivalent to the great Y2K hoax when the year changed from 1999 to 200. Plains were supposed to drop from the skies at midnight, elevators failing, and all computers would stop dead in their tracks. Nothing ever happened.

May 21ST came and went as well did 1994’s prediction. So where does this leave us, the skeptic? Laughing as usual. Yes, America had a huge laugh at Camping’s expense but on a more serious note, he wasn’t that far off base so put your laughing on hold as we examine the facts.

One first must understand that Man indeed invent time as we know it to be, hours, minutes, seconds, years, and days, we must set all of it aside for God does not comply with mans inventions.When God set his plan into existence, he was done with it. Every move mans made since the beginning of Gods time line has been calculated.God brought us into this world, and he can take us out. Who is to say Gods day is not a hundred of Mans days? So, where does that leave us? Waiting. Facts are in. More disasters then ever before. More death and devastation is on the table. The Earths so called Natural disasters are on the rise and although it may take years, in mans calculation, that may be a single moment in Gods time. Ask Japan, Ask Louisiana, Ask Missouri, Ask a parent of a child who has been killed from a stray bullet, ask the woman beaten by her mate for so other reason than a smile, ask the robbers, ask the murderers, ask the jobless, ask the homeless, just ask anyone who seems to be hurting from one thing or another. The time is now, the world is in its final phase and it may not be by our clock, but it sure is on Gods.

In 1994 we started to see a slow change in how things were done in our world. Wild fires out of control, bombs destroying life, more murders, more and more death and destruction be it by man or by Gods natural ways. We are now at the peak and although it has been a long time coming, in Gods terms, this may be seconds. It is like life, we are born and with a blink of the eye, we are old. Man invented the clock but God invented Man. Man has gotten a lot of things wrong over the vast many years he existed. Despite all warnings Man never seems to learn. Maybe Gods set ways, his plan was meant to be tweaked by man but Man was simply too dumb to see that. Open your eyes and your mind. Camping was right. The world is ending but he was simply too narrow minded to see that Gods watch is different than ours. Now the wrath is upon us. More destruction to come, film at eleven.