‘Friday Night Lights’ NBC Finale Finally Under Way

The last “Friday Night Lights” NBC run of episodes is only new to some viewers. As fans know, NBC doesn’t have first-run episodes since the “Friday Night Lights” have technically gone dark already. Those who have DirecTV have seen the end of the cult show, and are still going through the grieving process. But for the many viewers who don’t have that channel, couldn’t see the series finale — and who didn’t buy the new Season 5 DVD — they now have a better chance to see the end.

Although NBC was the original home of the critically beloved series, it had to split time with DirecTV in the final two seasons. The world premiere of new episodes would air on the smaller network, then appear on the larger network months later.

This helped save “Friday Night Lights” from being canceled after Season 3 and gave it two extra years to go out on its own terms. It officially went out weeks ago on DirecTV, but now its first home is finally showing the last episodes.

The series finale first aired Feb. 9, yet the season premiere made its NBC debut Friday night. The rest of Season 5 will be shown for the next 13 weeks, each Friday at 8 p.m. EDT. However, most fans will probably be caught up at last by then.

The die-hard fans who didn’t have DirecTV were tortured enough months ago. But they got some relief on April 5, when the Season 5 DVD was finally released. Now they’ve had over 10 days to watch the premiere and much more, before it came back on television.

This likely means that the ratings won’t be too high, although they were never that good to begin with. Yet the only thing that kept NBC from cancelling the show were the fanatics that did tune in, and the critics that went on and on about it. Now even they have less incentive to tune into the show’s last run on the network.

Nevertheless, it is the last time that the beloved series will air on television, so fans may still want to honor it by tuning in. Some may not have even gotten the DVD yet, and could still be in the dark. But those who already know what happens might just want to see it again — since pretty much everyone considered it good enough to watch more than once.

Although “Friday Night Lights” has now passed into TV history, NBC is giving it one last first down. For all of the massive criticism against the network in recent years, critics and fans are thankful that they did one thing right by keeping “clear eyes” and a “full heart” for this show. Now they get to relive the final games each Friday, for one last time.


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