Friday Funny Farm Report

Ducks, chickens, rabbits, horses, guineas, turkeys, cats, dogs, mules, ponies, and us that is a lot of feeding to be done on a daily basis and I realize it more each time that we have to order food or that we have to buy food from the grocery store. However, I would not trade the experiences that we have here for anything in the world, except for a long Hawaiian vacation. Just kidding, I enjoy the animals and I enjoy the time we have with them. They are a lot of work and they come with a cost, but I was checking into other activities this week and everything that we choose to add to our lives as a pasttime costs money and many of our hobbies can be expensive.

Think of the cost of whatever hobby you have, can you honestly say that your hobby costs nothing. I doubt it. I have found that anything that we choose to do with our free time can be expensive, especially with gas costing up to $4.00 per gallon. It is a sign of the times and although we don’t like it, we have to accept it. We can do some things to change that, but until new options are made these are sacrifices that we need to make.

We are lucky in the fact that we do get some food from the chickens. We recently have used the eggs that they are laying and I was at the store the other day and seen a sign for eggs for $1.39 per dozen. We do enjoy eggs for breakfast and sometimes at dinner time and usually when we bake we use eggs so I am sure that as an average we use two dozen eggs per week, so I am saving over $50 per year in buying them and that equals about 5 bags of their feed.

I am hoping to be able to sell some eggs this year and if so I will once again make some money from them as well. I am sure that the horses will also make some money this year as I know that we will have one colt that will sell this summer. We have a mare who is a really nice looking horse that is due to foal in late May and I am excited about it, but I know that this baby is not staying as I kept the one we had last summer.

Speaking of Vanilla, she is doing well. We have had her on a lead rope and she will walk with us without too many problems. She is learning some patience and we are able to work with her feet. The farrier will be out soon to help us with having her feet trimmed and we will see how she does with that. I am sure that it is going to be interesting! She is just a real joy to watch in the field and we enjoy seeing the relationship that she seems to have made with my large Quarter horse- Arabian mix, Tyson. He is one of the largest horses we have and yet, he is like a gentle giant with her. He always seems to be her protector and has almost seemed to be her mentor. Although he is stubborn at times, he can be such a big baby too. He actually gets mad at me when I go a day without going to the barn to see him and will try to not allow we to touch him the next day that I am there. It is almost comical.

Life on the farm can be challenging at times, but I am thankful that we have the opportunity to be close to these animals and enjoy the time we have with them. Camping will be next on my list of things to do and I am hoping that we can take a trip next month to the park, we will have to wait and see how the weather goes. However, if you have a pet, whatever it is, give it an extra few minutes of attention today as we sometimes forget how lucky we are to have them.