Friday Funny Farm Report

It’s Friday again and time for another funny farm report. It seems like this week has been fairly uneventful and there really is not a lot to report. However, I can give a couple of updates and I have a special request for all of you.

The week has been a little less hectic than the previous ones and there really hasn’t been much excitement here on the farm. Bridget and I are finishing up the 180 required days of school and then we will take a short break other than in math and reading, which will continue most of the summer. As fair time is drawing nigh, we will be busy preparing posters and getting horses ready for show the next couple of weeks.

The new colt is growing fast and seems to be getting much stronger every day. I am glad to see that he is growing and I believe that as soon as he is weaned, he will be sold as we intend on only keeping one small one and that would be Vanilla. She is getting big too and it is amazing how fast she seems to catch on to what we ask her to do. I have her leading on a lead rope and she is learning to stop on command and she is learning to back on command. I am currently working on getting her to stop with her feet even and squared, which will be less work at show time next year.

Tyson seems to be going downhill and I have accepted the fact that he is not going to get any better and that it may be time to have him put down. I hate the thought, but I do not want to see him suffer. I really wish his leg would heal, but he just can’t seem to keep the stifle joint in place and it seems as though his tendons are getting worse in the leg. I have noticed that he seems to be in pain at times when he is walking and so I know that I need to end his suffering.

We have gotten rid of a few of the horses that we do not do much with and this will help to eliminate part of our feed bill each week. Horses can be very expensive to care for at times. We are lucky in the fact that they have pasture that they can feed off of for now. They certainly love green grass!

My request for all of you would be to pray for the Lauren Spierer family and also pray for my daughter, Megan. Lauren has been missing for 2 weeks now and police really do not seem to have any more clues than they did at the time of her disappearance. They are currently searching for a white Chevy 4 door truck, Silverado or Colorado, with special rims and black door handles with some type of logo on the side doors of it. This truck is seen on a surveillance tape around the area where she was last reportedly seen early that Friday morning. If the owner of this truck could just tell if he or she seen Lauren or anyone else in the area, it could possibly help.

Megan is my oldest daughter and she has suffered from chronic neurological Lyme disease for a few years now and takes a regular regimen of steroids to help fight the inflammation that occurs behind her eyes. She is currently suffering a lot from the effects of the disease and the steroids do not seem to be helping her at all. I believe that the physician is going to have to change the medicine or something to help her to feel better. I can usually tell when she is suffering due to one eye being swollen and I seen it yesterday.

Well, I am going to close with a prayer that Lauren will be found and returned to her parents before Father’s Day. To all the dads out there, Happy Father’s Day!