Friday Funny Farm Report

Two 4-H meetings, tending to animals, cleaning house, cooking, and enjoying the sunshine and warm temperatures has about consumed my week. I have two baby showers to attend over the weekend, plus a festival at church, plus animal registration sheets to turn in and start working on record sheets. Shew! Busy is the term for the weekend! Life on this funny farm is a family affair, but sometimes I think that I need to take a vacation to see my husband and spend time with him.

My oldest daughter and I hosted a thirty one party on Wednesday night and enjoyed some time with a few good friends. For anyone who doesn’t know what that is, it is a home party plan that offers great organizational products along with fabulous baby items as well as purses, totes, etc. I love their products and I would love to buy most of what is in the book if I could. We invited several people but didn’t have many show up.

We have to turn our animal registration forms in today for 4-H and I think that I have things ready for that. We attended our regular club meeting on Tuesday and we attended our horse and pony club meeting last night. Both were very informative and helpful to use. My daughter has got to get busy with these projects as she only has about a month and a half before most items are gong to need to be at a point that she can fill in the record sheet and have the projects ready. She needs to work with her horse a lot as she has about 3 weeks until she has her first 4-H show! It seems that summer will fly by and our schedule is already looking quite full for the month of June and July.

The horses are doing good and my husband and I have enjoyed doing some horse drawn wagon rides. I was hoping ot take the Amish buggy out this week, but I just have not had an evening free to be able to do that. Maybe early next week as I think that the schedule is a little less hectic next week. I know that there are many things to be done besides the fun stuff but life is too short too be busy all the time.

The weather has been a real blessing this week. Although the humidity has gotten a little higher than I would like for it to be, I do think that it is nice to have the warm sunny days for a change. It looks as though the weekend is not as promising as they are predicting rain and cooler temps. I won’t complain though as it is nice to have had a break from the rain. I even got to plant some flowers and other plants. We have several tomato plants in the ground and I have some strawberry plants as well. I am hoping to work on an herb garden in the next few days if we have some dry time in between the rain showers.

Our school year is about over per say, but since we have struggled with some subjects this year, it looks as though we will be doing some subjects over the summer. Bridget will take place in a home school awards ceremony this year with a group that meets at our local library. She will also get a class photo as well as she had school pictures taken this year. She has done an intensive study of birds and flying mammals this year and she has learned a lot. We are now including life science in our classes as she is working on animal projects for the fair.

There is much to be done today, so I will sign off for now. I hope all of you have a fabulous week!