Friday Funny Farm Report

Well, for the first Friday in a few I can say that it is not currently raining here. Our spring has been very wet and I know that many farmers nearby are wishing for some dry weather as planting season is falling behind due to the weather. It seems as though there is not much relief in sight as the forecast is showing at least a chance of rain every day for the next 7 days. We can only imagine the type of drought that is sure to follow a spring with the amount of rainfall that we have had.

Prayers have been going out for all of the families affected by the spring storms that have been hitting the southern states. We know that Alabama has suffered some of the hugest losses, but many other states have been affected as well. I know that I have some family in Tennessee that suffered some damage during these storms. It seems that the storms that we are seeing are some of the worst that we have suffered in history and it makes we wonder just what is next for us in the weather category.

We have gotten to take advantage of some of the nice weather that we have had the past few days. We spent yesterday using our blue horse drawn wagon. My husband has a friend who is also an avid buggy driver who went out with us and we really enjoyed the day. My daughter, Bridget and I both got to learn a little about driving the wagon. I am excited to learn and she is very anxious to go on her own soon. Megan, our oldest daughter, also got to take a wagon ride with her dad yesterday as she was off and came to spend the day with him while Bridget and I were at the library, which is our usual way of spending Thursday. It was really a nice day for all of us!

Vanilla (our 8 month old foal) is growing faster than I ever imagined and yet,she is becoming so much easier to walk on a lead rope and be around. I am hoping to groom her today and then tomorrow I believe that she will get her hooves trimmed. That might be an experience for all those involved, but it is something that must be done. She is going to be a beautiful mare and I am excited that if we can get her trained to do some lead line and halter stuff, we will show her next year in a two year old class.

Cinnamon, Vanilla’s mom and the horse that we gave to my daughter’s friend, came in third in a sloppy showmanship class at a show last Sunday. This was the first show for both the horse and the girl. Sloppy showmanship was just fun class for all involved , but it was nice that she was able to place in something with a horse that has not had a lot of work or any kind of expert training. Bridget felt she was not ready to show but will be showing in 4-H this year and will show in the next show.

My car broke down this week on Monday so I have been unable to go anywhere unless I have used the truck, which we also have to share with my in-laws since theirs was wrecked last summer. They have not been able to purchase a new one so they share ours. It makes it difficult to travel as I would like too. However, with gas over $4.00 per gallon I am looking at ways to decrease the amount of travel that we do by car anyway. We are going to start taking our horse drawn buggy or wagon to a local Dollar General store to buy needed supplies and only making one trip to a larger store a week.

President Obama has just arrived in Indianapolis today to visit the Allison Transmission plant where hybrid vehicles are being made and where Obama will give a speech there at about 12:15 EST. It will be interesting to see if President Obama announces any new plans to increase the production of hybrid vehicles and everyone is also hoping that he has something to say about when and how gas prices will go down as oil prices are down currently. Following his visit to Indianapolis, President Obama will also meet with the Navy Seals, who raided the compound of Bin Laden, during a trip to fort Campbell, Kentucky later in the day.

Of course, we have watched the news coverage of the killing of terror suspect Osama Bin Laden as well. It seems to be a celebration of sorts in the United States but we all know that it is not right to celebrate a death. However, as Americans we can feel that justice has been served to a point for all of the innocent lives that the terrorist attacks on September 11,2001 took.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day and I want to wish all of the moms here and in cyber space a Happy Mother’s Day and I wish all of you a happy and fun day with your families. I hope to spend the day taking a long buggy trip and being able to possibly ride for a little bit.