Friday Funny Farm Report

Royal Friday to all of you! I woke up early to watch the royal wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William. I also made Bridget get up early to watch the procession back to the palace. She was not happy about getting up a little early and she was not interested in the wedding, but I tried to make it into a history lesson and I told her that she would enjoy the procession because of all of the beautiful horses and carriages. We greatly enjoyed watching that many horses look and work as one.

I thought that Kate made a wonderful choice for a dress as it was simply elegant and beautiful, as she is. I feel that she shined on the day that she should have and I felt that she showed that she was common but has well adjusted to what her new life will be like. I thought that William looked regal and honorable in his uniform as well as Prince Harry. Not enough can be said either about the beauty that Kate’s sister, Pippa displayed. Her mother looked wonderful as well and Queen Elizabeth seemed to be shining with the smiles on her face and the yellow suit. Camilla was dressed as I expected her to be and of course, Prince Charles was in uniform as the boys were. Princess Diana surely looked down from heaven with a smile!

Onto farm news, busy is about the only word that I can say. It seems that 4-H projects are beginning to take a lot of our time and now we are trying to get Bridget into some local horse shows as well. I would like for her to get some real experience under her belt this summer as next summer I want to get her involved with showing quite a bit. There is a show Sunday that she is going to attend with a friend and I think that she will see that it is fun.

Two new horses that I am not sure that I have mentioned before. Bob and Comanche. They are both black and white paint horses and my husband is going to use them as a team to pull our wagons and buggies with. He also has a team of miniature mules that are really nice to drive with too. We had a nice 8 mile ride tonight and I really enjoyed it. With the price of gas being $4.19 a gallon, we may be using the horses a lot more in the next few months.

I am hoping that we can get the Amish doctor buggy out tomorrow and use it for a little bit as it is supposed to be warm and nice, but a little windy. Of course, first is the all important yard work as the mower really needs to be fired up. I believe that I could turn the horses out and they could graze it easier than I will be able to mow it as it seems to be a hay field.

I also need to fill bird feeders and pick up all of the sticks and limbs that have gathered in the yard with the crazy weather we have had recently. Speaking of weather, I am praying for any of you that live in the southern states that have been so affected by the recent tornadoes. it seems that this year there are so many more devastating ones than we have seen in several years. History being made like this is not a good thing.

Well, I really should close this and try to finish my day so that I can face the day tomorrow refreshed and enjoying the sun shine that we have been wanting for so long. Until next week, have a great day my friends!