Friday Funny Farm Report

Not only is it Friday, but it is Good Friday. Today is the day that Christians all over the world celebrate the cruxifition of Christ. This day is set to honor the sacrifice that Jesus made for all of us. There are many verses that I could quote today but I am just going to mention one verse that reminds me so much that Jesus had the last word, even while he was being cruxified . In John19 verse 30, after Jesus has asked for a drink and received vinegar, he bows his head and says “It is finished” then he bows his head and gives “up to the Ghost” or dies. It provides me with great strength to know that Christ could end things with such a simple sentence that says so much. It shows us, as Christians, that the Holy plan for His life was complete and He knew that He had done what He had been sent here to do.

Life on the farm this week has been interesting. My daughter purchased a new rabbit for 4-H and we have also gotten a new larger turkey and we also picked up a couple of new ducks. We attended a couple of 4-H swap meets this past week and found these items. The ducks were so cute as they were yellow and fluffy and about 6 weeks old. The other two that I purchased earlier in the spring are about the same size and age. My husband has been trading some horses around with some friends of his to decide which horses that he prefers to be a team. I am not even sure what ones we have now and what ones we do not.

Many of you have heard me speak of my horse, Tyson. He is an absolutely beautiful horse and so gentle, but ever since being shod last summer he has been lame. We have thought for a long time that he had a stifle injury and we have decided that it is the problem. The time has came to decide what we will do with him as we believe that there is no fixing the leg and that he is beginning to suffer from it. I am not sure as to what we will do yet as the very thought of it upsets me. I can’t imagine life without him , although I have a nice horse that I trail ride each summer, Stormy. I will keep you all updated on the Tyson situation.

I am also using the report to ask that you pray for Bobbi and Danny McMasters. She is a friend of one of my close friends who went on vacation to Florida and suddenly went into early labor and had to deliver a beautiful baby boy, Jonathan, about 12 weeks early. He was a very small and ill little boy who lost his battle for life after only being a part of their lives for about 4 days. They are grieving his loss and it is such a sad time for them. They really need all of the prayers that you can send their way. They also have a daughter who recently turned a year old so I am sure that the Easter holiday is going to be a very bittersweet holiday.

I also am asking for prayers for my daughter, Megan. She is undergoing some medical issues that I am not going to mention on here, but she just needs some extra prayers at the moment that she is not suffering from what the doctors are suggesting that her problem could be. This child already suffers from chronic neurological Lyme disease and it effects her health a great deal.

Also, prayers for my husband who has discovered that he may be diabetic. He has been testing his blood sugar and it is running higher than it should be. I am concerned and will be anxious to see what the doctor says. He hs changed his diet some and is trying hard to make a difference by eliminating or cutting back on several things that he eats.

Onto some other news, I attended a meeting yesterday with some wonderful and knowledgeable home school moms whom I may be forming a home school co-op with for the next school year. We are looking for a little support from each other on the days that we are struggling with being bogged down with all the preparation and time that we put into our children. However, we also know and remind one another that it is worth it and that their education is the most important thing that we can do for them. I will try to keep you all posted on that also.

Well, I guess I need to fix lunch so I will close this report for now, May you all have a Blessed Easter and may God bless each of you !