Friday Funny Farm Report

Busy doesn’t seem to describe the week that I have had. It seems as though there has been something that needed to be done everyday other than the plans that I had made. I enjoy staying active, but this week I would enjoy the few minutes that I have had time to sit down. I know that I must have passed myself somewhere along the way.

However, it has been a fairly constructive week as I have gotten several things accomplished and some projects finished this week. I finally think that I have the end of our school year planned and I believe that I have decided on what we are using for the most part for next year. If anyone wants to contribute to book fees, feel free. It seems as though every subject next year will be around 60 dollars per subject. It is just that I am really looking to change the curriculum that we are using and hope that it will help Bridget in her learning.

I also managed to get Bridget enrolled in 4-H this week too. She is planning to show rabbits, poultry, horses and she is planning to do a creating with a mix and a few animal posters. I am hoping that she can have a lot of fun with this and I am hoping that she learns something as well. She needs to get into some open shows and learn a little about showing. I believe that she needs someone to work with her that has been in some shows and that she can learn a few ways to do things. I am not interested in whether she wins or not right now, I just want her to get some experience and then she can go in next year and win!

The telephone repairman had to come to the house twice this week in order to fix our interenet and I am hoping that it is fixed permanently now. I hope that he doesn’t come out any more and I am sure after spending 8 hours in this house, he doesn’t want to come back either. Technology is great, but when it fails it is impossible to get a quick fix.

All of the animals seem to be doing fine and I believe that we are in good shape as far as the ones that we have now. Tyson is still suffering from some leg issues but I think that he will be okay. I am not sure that I will be able to ride him this summer but I hope. I believe that he will be a great trail horse if I can get the leg fixed. Vanilla just turned 8 months old and she is totally weened from her mother and she seems to be doing great. The people that we gave Cinnamon too have moved her now and seem to be more satisfied than what they were with her here.

I have been needed by everyone this week. I helped my oldest daughter with financial aid this week as she is wanting to go to college, I have cooked and cleaned for my husband, I have homeschooled my youngest all week, I have helped a friend with her son’s homework, and I have helped a friend in need. Overall, I think that it has been a very hectic and emotional week and I will look forward to Sunday and a new week ahead.

Until next week, I wish you all a happy and prosperous week!