Fresh Smelling Ideas for Your Home

Like many others, I love to have a clean smelling home. Personally, I think they should have an anonymous group for people like me'”obsessed with candles, air fresheners and every other fresh smelling idea there is on the market . After pregnancy and having a baby, I realized many of those air fresheners were dangerous for me to breath while pregnant and for baby to breath. Additionally, lit candles are dangerous for an infant who is mobile and loves to grab at things. Scented cones and incense are also hazardous for this reason. I’m sure I am not the only one who has experienced difficulty choosing a safe air freshener alternatives.

1. Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets in drawers, suitcases and the bottom of laundry habits combat the odor and leave a fresh scent behind. You still must watch your baby doesn’t grab one of these sheets and consume it. I’ve also found that placing a dryer sheet inside a pillow or under the fitted sheet on your bed keeps the area smelling fresh. Use doubled sided tape and attach a dryer sheet to the top of overhead fan blades. This allows the scent to fill the entire room. Be sure to shut off your fan before trying to attach a dryer sheet.

2. Baby Laundry Detergent

If you love the scent of fabric softeners, you will love this idea. Take a spray bottle, either one you purchase in the store or any reusable spray bottle and fill it almost full with water. Pour about three tablespoons of your favorite baby laundry detergent into the bottom. If your spray bottle is larger, I recommend approximately four tablespoons per cup or per eight fluid ounces. Shake well and then spray throughout your home. I don’t recommend spray too much in rooms with slippery floors or on all types of fabrics.

3. Perfume to Room Freshener

Add your favorite perfume or body spray to water and create your own version of a fabric refresher. By watering it down, your saving money and creating a safer, less overpowering scent. I personally recommend adding about one tablespoon per cup. Perfumes are usually a tad strong and you don’t want an overwhelming fragrance filling your home.

4. Add Scent to Your Toilet

Spray an air freshener, perfume, body spray or even use scent oils while cleaning out your toilet. Use your regular toilet bowl cleaner and add the scent to it. Let the toilet soak for the desired amount of time, then clean out your toilet as usual. Your bathroom usually create the most or second to most amount of foul odors. This is an ideal way to combat the smell.

5. Heavenly Scented Sweeping

Place a ball of cotton or even a small chunk of fabric into perfume, body spray, scented oil or other fragrant liquid. Allow the cotton ball or fabric to soak up as much scent as possible. Saturate the item completely for the best results. Situate the fabric or cotton ball in a vacuum canister or bag. While you vacuum scent is release into the carpet and into the air. This causes the scent to linger a little longer and spread throughout the room quickly.