Freedom Isn’t Free

Our children are our future, and the future of this great nation. It is our responsibility to make sure that the failures of yesterday and the present are not compounded by the continued teachings of the same mistakes and the same misguided beliefs. In this war of our lives, it’s prudent to think that new ideas and new structures are needed to be put in place. We must not fail in our responsibilities as parents and leaders to frame our children’s lives in such a way that embeds the morals and honor that is considered right and just. The future we teach must not be the futures of the past. We must see that the teachings of yesterday have led us to the same fates as our forefathers time and time again. The ideas and separation of old must be replaced by ideas of bonding this great country and yes the world to the fundamental idea of the continuation of the human race. This continuation must be one of cultural tolerance, education, understanding and a combined awareness of the past.

The destructive mindsets of the governments of the world have gone on long enough. The greed and egotistical views of yesterday have come to full circle more then once, with the ending always turning out the same way. Do we continue down a road that has already shown many times the destructive nature we can accomplish? History has shown repeatedly that people can not govern themselves under a banner of hate and destruction and expect to span the ages productively. Every empire that has risen to power has become complacent within its own ranks, and devoured itself in war, hatred and mistrust. Even in our times we have seen countries fall under their own greed and coulis egos. When are the people in the world going to see their mistakes? The problem is, that no one sees it as their responsibility or their span of power. The excuse is always “What can I do, I am nobody?” The reason you can do nothing is because you have the mindset that you are nobody. This is what is needed to be fixed within our children’s minds. We can no longer stand by and allow our futures to be made and broken by those who seek our demise. This future we exact for ourselves must frame the new ideals and new understanding that we are not alone. This endeavor that we embark on must be done with the understanding that we all have the power to change things. Together rather then alone, combined rather than single. Nothing will ever be accomplished without the gathering of many to come to the end result.

This freedom we have is not for free. Many have given their lives for this cause. Will you continue to let them sacrifice their lives for nothing? You condemn them for their duties, yet applaud those who gives the orders. You have been brainwashed to despise your own, yet love the leaders. Have you not yet realized, those leaders you stand by so much, seek your demise as well? They are not out for your will, but their own. The elected officials who you have elected, are bent between their money and those who will further their ideas. Your ideas and your wishes have no meaning. Only under public scrutiny and pressure will these officials accomplish anything. It is time that pressure was inflicted.

So where do we go from here, you may ask. What can I do to start this crusade of rebirth? It starts at home. Start with your children. Start teaching them this new mindset. Only through us can the generations of tomorrow end this ongoing dismantlement of our world. Those in the shadows and those who seek our demise expect you to do nothing. They have brainwashed you for all these years and expect it to continue. It is up to you and all of us to change it, but this must start at home. Sit at the dinner table and make your children aware of the present and aware of the future. Put their minds on a track of change and not the same track of manipulation and mistrust. Teach your children to be tolerant, to look upon others with respect and honor. Teach them that respect starts with ones self. Money has no place in this equation. Money is for comfort, not for your survival. Survival starts in the mind. Do not fall prey to the television nor propaganda that fills your mind with mistrust or hate. This is for those who wish others to live for them. Only through you will your children accomplish what generations have failed to do for themselves. Teach your children patience. Teach them compassion and forgiveness. Only through this will your children accomplish where others have failed.