Free Ways to Add Color to Your Home

Winter is over and it is time to open the window and doors to let spring in your home. The outside world is waking up in brilliant shades of green accented by bright, bold colors just begging to come inside your home to chase away the winter blues. However, most families are saving for summer vacations and do not want to spend a lot of money on updating their home decor for spring. The good news is there are ways to add color to your home that are free or inexpensive so you can bring the beautiful colors of spring indoors without busting your budget. Below are a few ways to inspire you to add color to your home this spring.

· Use children’s artwork – Incorporate the artwork your child proudly brings home to add splashes of color throughout your home this spring. Children love to use vivid, bright prime colors in their artwork, which will add an immediate splash of free color in each room of your home.

· Pick some fresh fruit – Fresh fruit is not only healthy but fresh fruit is available in a variety of beautiful colors. Spring and summer fruits are a great way to add color to your home and a healthy addition to your family’s diet. Large clear bowls piled high with fresh fruit will bring the bright colors inside.

· Pillows – Throw pillows are an excellent way to add color to a room without spending a lot of money. Although this decorating idea is not a free way to add color to your home this spring, throw pillows are inexpensive and will add bold, bright colors to rooms. Shop for inexpensive throw pillows at second-hand stores, discount marts and flea markets.

· Fresh flowers – Spring and summer are wonderful seasons for adding color to your home for free — especially if you have a flower garden. Cut colorful flowers and arrange them in different vases — small, large, clear, and colored — of various shapes to add color and detail.

· Paint an accent wall – No need to paint an entire room to add color to your home, just paint an accent wall in a bold, bright color. Paint for one wall costs very little but the effect is amazing. Choose a wall that gets the most sunlight so the color will be reflected back into the room.

· Pretty place settings – Take advantage of the summer styles and colors of outdoor tableware to bring bright colors indoors. Bright colored plates, glasses, and placemats for use outdoors are inexpensive but look beautiful on a dining room table when incorporated with hints of green. Shop at the dollar store or discount store for outdoor summer tableware in bright colors.

· Add area rugs – Pull out those colorful area rugs and wake up your home from the winter blahs. Area rugs add color to a room simply by tossing them down; however, be sure that the color compliment the decor of the room or they will just stick out like a sore thumb. Inexpensive area rugs can be found at your local flea market or second-hand store.