Free VS a Paid VPN in China

As you may know, the Chinese government has gone ahead with its proposal to curb access to the world wide web. Apparently, they’ve decided that total internet freedom cannot be allowed anymore. Of course, the main motive behind the decision is to prevent websites from spreading ‘harmful’ news that might be unfavorable to the government, as well as ‘controversial’ content that may cause divisions in society. So as a security measure, they’ve implemented the Great Firewall Of China and merrily clamped down on all online media and communication channels…which effectively prevents anyone from using the web the way it should be used.

As a result, accessing popular websites such as YouTube, Twitter and Skype have now become virtually impossible. Which means doing business on the internet, maintaining contact with friends and relatives abroad and even streaming songs online is just not an option anymore.

Unless…you take advantage of a paid VPN in China.

Simply put, a VPN is a network that employs encryption and various other security mechanisms to ensure that only authorized users can access this particular network. More importantly, this technology makes it extremely difficult to intercept private data.

Now at the beginning, many folks turned to free VPNs and proxies to work around the GFW. Unfortunately, they soon got blocked by the authorities. Those that aren’t blocked are too slow to do anything. You can find tons of stuff on the internet for free – Music, Movies, Games, Software – but you have to remember that the internet in China is a whole other box of crackers. It takes time to do battle with China’s internet censors – and the biggest companies in VPN services are struggling to do so. A VPN service that can unblock sites in China is not the same as setting up a free proxy. It takes time. Time is money. So the only solution that remains almost untouchable is a paid VPN service. Given below are a few pointers on how to select the best paid VPN in China:


Go for a plan that provides you with the best possible service at the lowest price. Also, consider the bandwidth limit they are offering. A soft bandwidth limit of around 20GB would be more than sufficient for the average user.

Service and Support

How is the company’s customer/tech support? Do they respond to queries quickly and on time? Are they courteous? These are important questions that you’ll want answers to before going ahead and choosing a paid VPN in China.

Platforms and Protocols

Does the service you’re looking at have the following protocols and is it compatible with the listed platforms?


* Cisco/Shrew
* L2TP/IPSec
* OpenVPN


* Windows XP, 2000, 2003, Vista, 7
* Mac OS/X 10.5 and above
* Android
* iPhone
* Ubuntu and Linux Command-Line

A VPN in China with all of the above characteristics will be a good investment and will ensure a smooth internet surfing experience for you.