Free Printable Punk Rock Girl Paper Doll to Color

Punk rock and paper dolls apparently have not gone out of style. However, the two genres may not meet with various age groups until now. When I used Yahoo Search Clues comparing the two for age groups, I found some interesting demographics.

What are the paper doll demographics?

I found women between the ages of 25 to 64 were searching online for paper dolls. Women between the ages of 35 and 44 were the highest in searches for this activity followed by women 55 to 64. It seems like women old enough to be someone’s grandma were searching for these dolls. Why, I can only speculate.

There are a few men in all age groups who make up 27% of all searches for paper dolls. I am unsure why males are searching for paper dolls. It could be due to men who are searching for paper models of a certain genre need the characters to complete their projects.

What are the punk rock demographics?

Both females and males ranging from below 24 to the age of 44 are into punk rock and actively searching the internet. However, this group are searching for music and bands rather than paper dolls.

Females under the age of 24 were more actively searching than their male counterparts at the same age. The highest ranking age group for males was the 35 to 44 age group.

Is there any similarities between paper doll and punk rock searches?

There are some similarities. One is the income ranges for both groups. Another is both groups prefer DIY stuff over everything else.

As far as location across the United States, both groups have a strong presence in the upper northeast and Florida. However, punk rock seems to be stronger in California than any other states. Paper doll searches are higher in the District of Columbia over any other state in the union.

Tips for using the punk rock girl paper doll.

The punk rock paper doll set can be used as a game for a punk rock themed birthday, Halloween or bachelorette party.

The paper doll set can be given as a Halloween treat instead of candy or in conjunction with candy. This will give the kids something fun to do after Halloween is over.

Use the paper dolls to decorate for a themed party or wedding reception. Use the clothes and accessories for napkin rings. Make the paper doll dressed in different outfits and use as a name card for a dinner party. This can be done by using a piece of construction paper or card stock to make the doll stiff enough to stand.

Make a mobile by dressing the doll in different outfits and hang from the ceiling. Laminate the dolls to make them easier to wipe off when cleaning.

Make a quilt, throw pillows, curtains or other home furnishings by using the doll and accessories as appliques. The paper dolls can be printed out on transfer sheets. Once printed, iron onto white fabric. Sew or iron the fabric to a piece of interfacing for a stronger applique. The punk roll girl paper doll can be left in its original printing stage.

Another way to use the appliques mentioned above is to embroider the colors of the clothes before or while attaching them to the craft project. The inside areas of the clothes can be fully embossed or stitched around using colorful threads.

Punk Rock Girl Paper Doll

Everything that is needed for this paper doll is on one sheet. This makes for easier printing compared to most of the other paper doll printables I have came across on the internet.

There is one girl punk rock paper doll. There are seven punk rock outfits, three punk rock hair styles not including one with an outfit and hat, and multiple accessory pieces.

Everything for this paper doll is to be colored. There are instructions for coloring, cutting out the doll and accessories, and the base for the paper doll on the sheet. The paper doll sheet will print out in black and white.

TIP: Be sure to read the instructions for the paper doll and stand along the bottom before cutting anything out.

TIP: Be sure to have a full black ink cartridge when printing. There are several dark shaded pieces on this sheet that will use quite a bit of ink.