Free Printable Face Masks to Color

When I think of face masks, football or Halloween usually comes to mind. However, there are more than these two reasons to use Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Greek, and masquerade masks.

How can the masks be used for more than Halloween?

The free printable face masks could be used for themed parties. For example if you are planning a birthday party, you could use these masks to help with the theme. There are also dinner parties for those who like to have an adult party any time during the year.

If you are having a themed dinner party you could use any of the ones that are finished as a name plate at the dinner table. If you are looking for an activity to keep your guests entertained, you could print out the ones to be colored and have them fill in the colors with crayons, markers or glitter paint. They could also decorate their masks with feathers, ribbons or other items.

Another way to use them is during a class lesson. For example if you are teaching about Greek mythology in a literature class, these masks can be used during this time. Each of the groups of masks can be printed and given out randomly to your students. Give them one that is fully colored and the other for them to color. Once they have the project done, they can show the one that has been filled in already and their version. The students can explain why they chose their colors.

For those of you who have younger children, the masks could be used for dressing up and creating their own characters. The kids could color the other masks as an activity.

Can the masks be made from other materials besides paper?

Yes, other materials can be used to make the masks more durable. Examples of materials to be used are fabrics or craft foam sheets.

To make the masks using fabrics stiffer, they will need to be starched or have a fusible backing that can be sewn or iron on to the back of the mask.

When deciding how to keep the mask in place on the face, the smallest elastic to be bought can be used, crochet thread, yard or other thin items that can be tied can be used for this.

List of Free Printable Face Masks

There are over 50 face masks to be printed, colored, and assembled in this list. The links for the websites are the highlighted words at the beginning of each sentence.

Halloween face masks has free pumpkin and monster masks to download. There are 16 printable masks. The masks will download to your computer rather than opening up in a PDF page. Once you have them downloaded you can print them from the saved location on your computer.

Below the list of pictures for this group of masks is another picture for fasteners for the masks. You can download it too for easier construction of the masks for wearing.

There are also eight Christmas masks and five Easter masks below the three helpful files list where the fasteners are located. You will need to save those as well before you can print.

Most of the masks can be colored before wearing. There is only one in the Christmas section that comes in full color. In the Easter section, there is a plain egg shaped mask that could be used to create your own style of mask.

There are ten printable Halloween masks on this link. Click on the mask you want to print and it will open in a new page. You can print it from there. All masks will print out in color.

There are three links above the list of pictures for more masks. There is a link for animal masks that has eight animal masks, a link for Chinese New Year masks, and Thanksgiving masks.

The Chinese mask link has four dragon masks. With these masks, there is one each of the masks that are filled in with color and two that can be colored yourself.

The Thanksgiving Turkey masks has one that is ready to go and the other can be colored.

The Chinese New Year masks has five different masks. This group has two each of the masks like the others listed above.

The set of Greek masks has five and are set up the same as the others mentioned above. There is also a link above the pictures for masquerade masks that wasn’t listed on the first page. You will find another list of masks to print out if you don’t like any of the ones mentioned so far on this site.