Free Printable Barbie Paper Doll

Barbie has been around just over 50 years. I played with a Barbie when I was a kid. She has changed over the years like everything else we grew to love as a kid.

Rather than playing with Barbie these days, I like to collect her. There are two types of Barbies I have in my collection. One is the holiday Barbies, the ones that come out at Christmas. The other is the birthday Barbie for April, since that is what month my birthday falls in.

However, like everything else these days, the price of Barbie dolls have gone up. So has the clothing, accessories, and other items to bought for Barbie. Rather than buying a Barbie and clothes from the store, use the free printable Barbie paper doll and her clothes to entertain the little girl in your life.

Tips for getting more clothes and other accessories for Barbie

Search for other paper dolls online. With many of these dolls, there are clothes, jewelry, shoes, and other objects girls can use to dress her up.

Barbie coloring sheets is another way to find more paper dolls and clothes for her. Print out the coloring sheets your daughter wants. She can color the clothes and accessories any color she wants. Cut out the clothes and other objects with tabs to use for the doll.

Search for more Barbie paper dolls and clothes online. Being specific with a Barbie search, you can find the right items dedicated to this popular doll.

Tips for collectors of Barbie

Using the Barbie search mentioned above, print out anything that is related to Barbie paper dolls. Print extra copies of any of the finds. By doing this, you can keep one hard copy for your collection. With each set found, you can dress up each paper doll to show off you Barbie collection.

You can laminate each group of paper dolls and accessories to keep them in shape. However, this could cause the value to go down if other collectors are missing items you have. This tip should be used with caution.

Tips for storing the Barbie paper doll and accessories

Store the paper dolls in a cardboard or plastic shoe box on a shelf.

Store the paper dolls in a large manilla envelope in a drawer with other fun activities.

Store them in a place away from the sun so the colors do not fade. Store in a dry place so the pieces do not get wet and stick together.

Welcome to Gail’s Barbie Paper Doll

There is one Barbie paper doll on this website. There are nine outfits for Barbie on the same page. Each piece is in color.

The Barbie doll and her clothes may take a full color ink cartridge to print them out. I would suggest saving the images to your computer. After the images are saved to a location on your computer, I would burn them to a disc. Then take them to a place that can and will print them from the disc. This may be cheaper than using a full color ink cartridge.

The reason I suggest doing the printing at a printing place like Kinko’s is the clothing pieces have the flesh tone of Barbie’s body in each piece.

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