Free Printable Astrid the Pig Paper Doll to Color

Pigs have been seen in television shows such as “Green Acres.” They have also been featured in books like “Charlotte’s Web” and “Animal Farm.” The movie “Babe” was one movie where the show was revolved around a pig who could herd sheep. “Gordy” was another movie which featured a pig as a lead character.

Interesting facts about Arnold Ziffel the Pig from “Green Acres.”

Arnold was from the breed, American Yorkshire. His ears were always erect and white in color.

Fred and Doris Ziffel treated Arnold as if he were there son

Arnold was buried in the casket with his trainer, Frank Inn, when he died.

Arnold could play the piano, paint, and write his name.

What was the names of the pigs in “Charlotte’s Web” and “Animal Farm”?

Wilbur was the cute, lovable pig in “Charlotte’s Web.” Wilbur and Charlotte had a close relationship in the book due to the spider wanting to save the pig from slaughter.

There were several pigs who played a part of the overtaking of the farm in “Animal Farm.” Old Major, Snowball, Napoleon, Squealer, Minimus, the Piglets, young pigs, and Pinkeye. Each of the pigs had their placement of the reign of the pigs in the story.

Why were “Babe” and “Gordy” so lovable?

Like any child, “Babe” finds himself getting into trouble with the other animals on the farm because of his misadventures with Ferdinand the duck who thinks he’s a rooster.

Once the farm animals get Babe back on track, the sheep teach him how to become a sheep herder. His owner, enters him in the local sheepdog trials where Hoggett becomes the laughing stock until Babe proves he is a sheep herder.

Gordy becomes the next lovable pig in the movies due to his searching for his family that was taken to slaughter. During his searching and travels to the slaughter house, Gordy gets to experience the lives of humans. He helps change their lives because those who he comes across can understand what he is saying.

A short fun imaginative tidbit about Astrid the Pig.

Astrid has a friend named Mads. Anton and Mads are often seen playing together in the fields outside of Farmer Jenkins home.

Using Astrid in scrapbooking.

Astrid and the clothing pieces can be used to decorate a scrapbook page for those who show pigs in fairs, as a whimsical way to decorate a page for a Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter ham that was baked or for a pig roast and party.

This paper doll can be used with your children’s activities. Some of the clothing may meet with what the child was doing in the picture.

Using Astrid the Pig paper doll as a fun learning tool.

The pig paper doll and clothes would be a fun thing for children to do. This will allow them to work on their fine motor skills such as cutting and coloring inside the lines.

With rounded tip scissors, children in preschool can learn how to use the scissors cutting out the shapes of the clothes, pig, and tabs. This will teach them to follow cutting along the lines and following instructions on cutting out the tabs to place the clothes on the pig.

The younger children can also lean how to color with in the lines for the clothes while using their imagination. They can also learn how to use their folding skills on the tabs of the clothes and accessories for the paper doll.

Astrid the Pig Paper Doll and Clothes and Astrid the Pig Paper Doll Clothes to Color

The first link with Astrid the Pig has the paper doll and several pieces of clothes. The second link has more clothes for this paper doll. Both sheets will print out in black and white.

There are thirteen pieces of clothing and ten accessory pieces. Along with the clothes and accessories, there are flowers and a name plate to be colored. Those can be used as part of a background or plaything with Astrid.