Free Garden Coloring Pages: Gardeners, Plants & Critters- Oh My!

Gardeners, plants and critters- oh my!!!

Gardening is a wonderful activity for parents to do with their children! Using free garden coloring pages is a great way to introduce a fruit, vegetable or flower to your child before planting them. For instance, if you and your child are planning to grow a garden full of sunflowers, letting them color and explore sunflowers before or after gardening will help increase the anticipation and excitement over their growth!

Also, if you have a picky eater on hand, using garden coloring pages that are fun and silly, as well as growing your own fruits and vegetables may help to inspire better eating habits! In my experience, my son and I grew green peppers in our garden, and he was willing to give them a try- after four years of sticking out his tongue at me whenever they were placed on his plate. We also used one of the green pepper coloring pages before dinner that night! This green pepper had a silly face and hair, which only added to the fun!

Below are links to where you can find free garden coloring pages:

The Best Free Garden Coloring Pages for Coloring Plants:
Kids’ Turn Central.
This website is a great choice for free fun and silly garden coloring pages to introduce the plants you plan to grow! The free garden coloring pages available here include, a silly pepper face, as well as silly faces on cucumbers, radishes, tomatoes, pumpkins, strawberries and squash, an “i luv to garden” bunny, and much more! These are fun ways to make vegetables and fruit exciting and kid-friendly!

The Best Free Garden Coloring Pages for Coloring Gardeners in Action:
Free Printable Coloring Pages.
While the last website was great to make gardening vegetables and fruits fun, this website is great for finding free garden coloring pages that show people in the actually gardening. For instance, there are pages that show people weeding, mowing, planting seeds, watering, admiring, raking and digging. This may be a good choice to use with children before spring arrives. This could help excite your child for their gardening experience. You could also use them to help teach your child the steps of gardening.

The Best Free Garden Coloring Page for Coloring Garden Critters:
Well a garden is not a garden without it’s critters!! Crayola provides a wonderful coloring pages depicting butterflies, snails and ladybugs! By using the free garden coloring pages of the gardeners, plants and critters- you have a full fledged garden!

An Extra Garden Coloring Activity:
A really fun activity using all these printables would be to make a garden poster. Have your child color as many of the free printable garden coloring pages as he or she would like, and then cut and paste them onto a large poster board to create a beautiful garden collage. Or, consider mapping out your garden by using the silly faced fruits and vegetables as your markers for where each plant goes.

Happy Coloring!!!