Free Family Activity in Indianapolis: Indy Parks Geocaching Adventure

Indy Parks is celebrating 100 years with a fun geocaching adventure. There are 207 parks and 60 miles of greenways in Indianapolis. To commemorate their anniversary, families can join the geocaching hunt. This is the perfect summer activity for families on a budget.

What is geocaching?

Geocaching is a fun summer activity that can include your entire family. It is a scavenger hunt with clues to find hidden caches. The only supplies you need are either a smartphone or global positioning system (GPS). You use the clues and the GPS to find geocaches. The process is similar to a treasure hunt game. Geocaches usually resemble long containers and have hidden treasures or small prizes.

Geocaching is a great way to explore the city. It gives children the opportunity to exercise while searching for fun treasures. In addition, your entire family can connect with other explorers online. You can go online to and register for free. Once you find a geocache, you should sign the logbook provided in the container. Then, you can go online. The website allows you to interact with other people and leave comments on the caches.

Indy Parks Celebration

Indy Parks is celebrating 100 years of providing wonderful parks to growing communities. The geocaching adventure has 100 containers hidden in various parts of the park system. Each cache includes a logbook for visitors to sign, and some of them have hidden surprises. All of the caches are listed on, and many people have left comments on them.

The geocaches have been hidden in different parts of the parks. Some of them are located in the ground and buried. Other caches are nestled in tree branches or near signs. Most of the Indy Parks geocaches have been described as small containers. The best method to finding the geocaches is to study the clues and keep searching. Indy Parks also asks that the container be placed back in its original spot, so the next group of visitors can find it.


The geocaching forums at are a great source of advice and information. However, they can be confusing for beginners. There are many acronyms used by forum members and often added to the logbooks. TFTH means thanks for the hide, and TFTC means thanks for the cache. SL stands for signed log. You may also see TNLN, took nothing left nothing, to indicate that the person did not take anything from the cache. The Indy Parks geocaching adventure is a great way to explore Indianapolis.