Four Popular Vacation Destinations to Avoid

You may have second thoughts about your upcoming vacation destination. Brochures do not tell the negative side when encouraging you to spend your time and money to get away from your mundane experiences at home. Although these four destinations are among the most popular places to visit, you might consider some of the alternatives that are proposed here.

Seattle, Washington
Seattle may have its Space Needle which has an observation deck and the rotating SkyCity Restaurant 500 feet into the air, but there is little else to draw tourists to this Pacific Northwest city. The city has a reputation for frequent rain. Most of the precipitation falls as drizzle or light rain for at least 150 days per year. It is cloudy on at least 201 days per year. Between October and May, Seattle is mostly or partly cloudy six out of every seven days. You can expect sunny days only 71 days each year, mostly occurring between May and September. Click here to find an alternative, my favorite vacation spot, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Cancun, Mexico
Cancun has sandy beaches and beautiful sunshine, but the U. S. State Department has issued a travel warning, urging Americans to use caution when traveling there. Drug-related killings abound, individual posing as police officers extort money from tourists, and robbery is a significant problem. Click here to learn about a safe and fun vacation destination right here in the United States – Key West, Florida.

Disney World, Orlando, Florida
I agree that everyone should bring their children to Disney World at least once in a lifetime. However, the price of a vacation in Disney World has really skyrocketed. Also, one should be warned that it is well to avoid going during Christmas, Easter and summer vacations because the lines are endless for going on rides or visiting the restaurants. Click here to read about a popular option which I have enjoyed with my grandchildren – Hershey Park, Pennsylvania.

Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles is loaded with tourist attractions – the Lakers, Hollywood, Disneyland, Universal Studios and more. However, the word is out that the traffic in Los Angeles is horrendous. Many roads are backed up or closed off, particularly during morning and after-work hours. Also, Los Angeles is considered the Most Polluted U.S. City by the American Lung Association. Smog is created mainly from vehicular emissions and manufacturing industries. Click here for a different type of vacation at one of my favorites – the Chautauqua Institution in western New York State.

Branch out and expand your horizons. There is much to see in this great country of ours.


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