Four Easy Steps to Give Your Indoor Cat Medication

Having a cat can be a very fun experience and also a hassle when it comes to certain aspects of taking care of your cat. One important aspect of owning a cat might be giving them medicine which is often in pill form and something your cat probably hates. After dealing with cats almost my entire life I have found a manageable way to give my cats their medicine without too much hassle or headache. If you are going to be giving your indoor cat medication in the near future then you might want to learn about how to do this task easier with this simple guide.

1. I have found it a tremendous help to gather the medication and lay it out before I even think about grabbing my cat. You want to make sure that you lay out the recommended dosage for your cat which should be on the directions or instructions that came with the medication. If you lay out the medication before grabbing your cat you will not only save yourself time but also you can save yourself from being scratched while the cat waits for you to count out the proper pill dosage.

2. Once you have placed the medication in an easy to reach area where you will be administering the pills then you should think about how to give the pills to your cat. For example, when I give my cats their monthly worm medicine I proceed to break it up into four pieces so that it is easier for them to digest. If your cat has a prescription medication then you should follow all directions so that you are not breaking open a pill that should not be cut such as a time-released medication. Also if you choose to mix the pill in water and put it into a syringe this would be the perfect time to go about doing so before you handle your cat.

3. After you have properly handled the medication then you should proceed to scoop up your cat and get them ready for their medication. My method of getting the cat ready for the pill is by grabbing it by the scruff of the neck and then grabbing up on a towel. I like using the towel to put over the cat and wrap them up with the paws inside of the towel. Using a towel to wrap the paws of your cat is a great way to avoid scratches and scrapes and it can also help you avoid dropping the pill if their claw hits your arm.

4. After the cat is wrapped up then you can give them their medication and usually this is the hardest phase of the whole ordeal. What I like to do is lay the cat on the couch so that it almost looks as if the cat is sitting on the couch but with the head tilting back at about a 45 degree angle. Then you have to use your fingers to open their mouth and place the pill in the back of their throat so that hopefully it goes down with ease. Sometimes the cat will growl and try to bite your finger but once you do this a couple times you should get the hang of how much time your cat will let you have to do this. Another good trick is to gently massage the neck and throat of your cat once the pill is in the throat area because this will make them want to swallow which would then help the pill go down without them spitting it out.

After a few tries you will be able to give your cat medication and you will feel comfortable if you use these simple steps. Getting a cat to take medication is never an easy job even after a couple years of the routine so you should always be aware of warning signs your cat might give you such as hissing, growling or trying to bend over backwards to run away. If you feel you cannot hold onto your cat then you should just let them go and try again later in the evening because it is not worth getting scratched severely over.

Myself, personal experience