Former Georgia Bulldog and Current Tennessee Titan Rennie Curran Has Had an Impact on and Off the Field

Rennie Curran is a name that will never be forgotten by the Georgia Bulldog football nation. Most fans will remember Curran as the dominant All-American linebacker that spent three electrifying years between the hedges. They will remember him as one of the greatest linebackers in the history of the program. They will tell stories of how he accumulated 298 career tackles and how he struck fear into opposing offenses one crushing tackle at a time. I know this because I am one of the fans who will always appreciate what Curran did on the field for the program that I love. However, over the past few months, I have become even more impressed with Rennie Flomo Curran. Not only for what he has accomplished on the field, but for the way he has lived his life and for what he hopes to accomplish in the future.

Rennie was a nothing short of spectacular for the Georgia Bulldogs. He was the essential piece of what used to be an unstoppable Georgia defense. Curran’s on the field accomplishments were quickly noticed by NFL scouts, and in 2010 he decided to forgo his senior season and enter the NFL Draft. In doing so, he was drafted in the third round by the Tennessee Titans. Since Curran’s departure, the Bulldogs have been on a journey to recover their past defensive identity. Also during that time, Curran has been on a journey of his own on and off the field.

Curran’s future in the NFL looks promising. During his rookie season, Curran played in 9 games with the Titans and recorded 8 total tackles while playing on special teams. This offseason, Rennie has already begun to train hard, preparing himself to compete for a starting linebacker job in the upcoming football season. Curran also had other plans this offseason. Plans that were a lifetime in the making.

Rennie Curran was born into a highly respected Liberian family on November 10, 1988 in Atlanta Georgia. His parents came to Atlanta from Liberia in the mid-1980’s and remained permanently after civil war broke out in their homeland. During Rennie’s childhood, he watched as his parents worked tirelessly to support and shelter many of their friends and family members from war torn Liberia. Throughout that time, Curran gained great pride for his Liberian heritage and an unmoved faith in God. His childhood experiences gave him a selfless and resilient drive that helped him become a better man on and off the field.

It has been over twenty years since the family has returned to Liberia, and while Curran has accomplished his goal of playing in the NFL, his life long dream had been to take his family back to their homeland and raise awareness about Liberia. Last month, Curran and his family embarked on what was the culmination of that lifelong dream ‘” The Liberian Dream Charitable Mission and Tour.

During the 10 day trip to Liberia, Rennie worked to raise awareness about the country to everyone around the world, and took steps to improve the educational, economic, political, and social institutions of the war torn country. To accomplish this, Curran met with key government officials (including the President of Liberia), toured various social and economic institutions, visited local schools, and held soccer and football camps to enhance community involvement.

To me, the mission trip shows what kind man Rennie Curran really is, and why we should appreciate him for more than just what he has done as a football player. In an NFL offseason full of overpaid players and owners bickering about billions of dollars, it is refreshing to see a player that is willing to sacrifice so much of his time for the benefit of those who are less fortunate. Curran is more worried about the well being of others than he is about a paycheck.

Georgia Bulldogs fans and football fans around the world should remember Rennie Curran as more than just an once in a generation talent, they should remember him for being a once in a lifetime human being. Rennie Curran truly is more than meets the eye.

If you would like to learn more about Rennie Curran’s life on and off the field, check out his new official website,, or follow him on twitter, @RennieCurran53.