Formal Up Do’s For Spring 2011

Oscar Worthy Hair Design
Spring has arrived so it’s time to start thinking about Wedding and formal event hairstyles. With the Academy Awards so quickly behind us, we were privy to some of the most flattering hair do’s- and not-so-flattering hair don’ts of 2011.

Glamorous curls that were piled high upon a bejeweled headdress impressed, while styles that miss the mark were way too teased and shellacked -reminding us that a little hairspray goes a long way and Barbie doll hair is all- the- way out this season.

We’ve had plenty of images to linger over long hair or short, this coming season offers up some delightfully stylish hair designs. How will you choose your very best look for a Wedding or formal event you attend in 2011? Smart girls always plan ahead to guarantee they get the look they want!

Call for a Consultation
Call your hairstylist at least a week before your event for a consultation to discuss different hairstyles, make-up, and accessories you are thinking about- to make sure you get the hook up. This should only take a few minutes or their time and most consultations are free or of a minimal charge.

Your stylist will need to know what type of event i.e. Wedding or Formal and what attire will be worn, the particular style you are looking for, and how much time they will need to achieve this look; especially when adding make-up, hair embellishments, or hair pieces during that time frame.

In order to always be on the same page as guests in my salon, I suggest that they browse through hair fashion books and magazines, and to also comb the internet to find a unique style that catches their eye.

Book That Appointment
The next thing you need to do is to book your actual appointment to have your hair and make-up done. Remember: book early, because a busy stylist needs time to get you in, give you his or her undivided attention, and get you out – in plenty of time. Some stylists will travel to where their clients are; for a minimal charge, as that might also be an option for you.

Find Your Signature Look
It is important to keep in mind your hair type, hair length, and what accessories you plan on wearing in your hair i.e. tiara, jewels, veil…etc. Think about selecting 4 or 5 looks to choose from that you really like- it’s also to keep in mind whether this look can become a reality or not.

If your hair is fine, or on the shorter side you might want to consider plumping up your hair with a hair extension or hair piece added into your own existing hair. Fine hair needs that added fullness. Your stylist may want set your hair on rollers or use hot rollers in your hair, these work better to give a more permanent set in order to help “keep” those curls bouncing all through the night, but washes out the next day.

It’s not unusual for a stylist to use other means besides hair gel and roller sets to keep those curls in place! I have used hair colored hose plenty of times to add texture. They work great when twisted into a knot and applied to curled pony tails and buns.

Hair Fashion Accessories
You might also try hair pieces that are sewn onto bejeweled combs, and created from loose ringlets of hair, then pinned into place randomly all over, for a head full of curls. I have also weaved hair, feathers, ribbons, jewels, and fabric into braids and curls to add thickness and also for a certain dramatic effects.

If your hair is very thick and long, or thick and medium length, why not try a half up half down style to ensure that your crowning glory isn’t weighted down with too many curls and too much hair. Plus, all that hair on top of your head can become heavy when it is filled with pins and jeweled embellishments.

Toss out Last Year’s Look
Tight braids and rows plated across the fringe area can be pretty, but are yesterday’s style, and on heavier hair, can leave you with a headache after a night of frolicking. Don’t settle for last year’s look! If you have lots of hair minimize the amount you are working with by asking for a half up with curls or you can opt for wavy, straight and down and down in the back.

Smart girls are guaranteed to get the look they want if they remember to plan ahead this formal or wedding season so call for a consultation, and make sure you book your appointment early, find your signature look, and ask about hair fashion accessories. It is important to convey as much information about your likes and dislikes as-much-as possible to your stylist. Always allot extra time for make-up and nails.