Forbidden Sorrow

It was the day of October 1st; it was a cold and dismal night. I was invited to my friend’s party. It was a theme party. The invitation was named “Forbidden Mystery: the Sorrows Unfold”. Only the best of the best would be able to find the party’s location, for it was in a secret location, a location that I happened to stumble upon.

The party was being held in one of the oldest house in the neighborhood. I reached the doors and peaked through the window. There were six other participants waiting in the front room. As soon as I was about to open the door, it opened with great velocity and revealed a tall male who seemed to be a butler. He wore a grey vest, a white dress shirt underneath, and matching grey pants and shoes. He had an evil glare upon his face that raised suspicion. With a smooth swipe, he motioned for me to enter.

Once inside, the host of the party, Janette stood and announced everyone. “Hello fellow patrons,” she began, “I see that all of you have made it to my party. As you may or may not know, I am the highly esteemed daughter of business tycoon, Alexander Shipman. I have gathered you all here tonight to see if you could help me with a situation. To start things off I would appreciate it if you will all get acquainted with each other.”

As instructed, all of the guests, including myself, began to get well acquainted with each other. Throughout the full hour since I had arrived, I’ve noticed how the butler seemed to have is eyes set on the pearls around Ms. Janette’s neck. I’ve also noticed how Mitchell, an elderly man, would glance in the direction of Janette and her butler, whose name seemed to be Simon. The elderly man handled a cane that was almost as tall as he.

Alone in a dark corner was a female, she looked no older than 25. She wore a red dress that was tight around the hips. She seemed jumpy. She was also very aware of all of her surroundings. Next to the mysterious woman was, Luella. She was 30 years old and seemed quite innocent. She walked the same path around the room. Every time she passed by Janette, she would pause and observe Janette, the necklace, and Simon.

Last but far from the least suspicious, was Mr. Lamar Cambridge. He was short in posture, yet very muscular. He had a type of queerness: his eyes twitched; he repeatedly looked at his watch; and every 15 minutes, he’ll take a pill. He began to walk toward Janette and Simon, but Janette stood up, retreated to a door so she could make an announcement.

“Excuse me patrons,” she announced, “it is not time for dinner. Would you all do me the honor of following me into the dining area?”

Once inside, there was a beautiful assortment of many types of cuisines and table decor. At each seat there was a knife that had a name embedded upon them, to indicate where one was to sit. The table was lengthy as well. The seating order was as followed: at the head of the table was Janette; next sitting across from each other were Simon and Mitchell; following them, also across from each other, were Mr. Cambridge and Luella; and finally, at the ends of the table, were myself and the mysterious woman.

We all began to dine and then the lights flickered off for exactly two minutes. There was a rustling noise, a crash, and a yell. When the lights were back on, it revealed Ms. Janette’s body on the back wall, with seven knives embedded into her person. Ms. Janette was murdered in cold blood.

Do you know who the killer is? And do you know how they killed Ms. Janette?

By: Vernon Scott