For the Love of the Undead: Why We All Wish We Could Be a Vampire Too

They are everywhere – except in the daylight of course. Vampires have been dominating T.V. and film screens ever since Edward Cullen brought the sexy back to the undead. But why didn’t it stop there? What is about the cold and pale that keeps our attention? Why the undying fascination? These questions deserve deeper reflection (pun fully intended).

The vampire trend preys upon several desires that mere humans have trouble attaining.


Becoming a vampire means becoming perfect. Vampires have heightened senses. They hear better, see better and smell better than you. They can run faster, jump higher and they don’t need to sleep. They are also more likely smarter than you too! Those are some good perks.


There is something inherently passionate about vampires. Their affairs are endless and their romances span centuries. Plus, vampire lovers participate in blood sharing that creates an eternal link between the pair. In comparison, human copulation must be a big joke in the vampire community.


Of course, vampires live forever. It is probably safe to say that every human has wondered what this might be like. For centuries theologians, philosophers, and even scientists have contemplated immortality. Since this is not even a possibility for our species it is no wonder that we gravitate to fantasies of the undead.


Unlike the human race, vampires don’t have any obligations. Sure, they sometimes try to keep up appearances or keep themselves amused by working in the human world but really work is more of a hobby than a responsibility. They are completely free to spend their time doing whatever makes them happy. That is surely something to be envious of.


Vampires are extremely powerful. Physically, their strength is no match for even the strongest of humans. They are also very influential – who would say to no to a vampire? Since they have been around for so long they tend to have friends in very high places. Plus, their old linage comes with old money, very old money. Strength, influence and money – no doubt a powerful supernatural species.

So, they have it all: immortality, power, true love, perfection and freedom. Vampires are beyond human and all the things we wish we were but never could be.

*Thank you to my sister Morgan and her friend Cory for educating me and awakening me to the fact that I wish I were a vampire too!