Foot Problems that May Prevent You from Wearing Sandals

Do you have an ache in your foot that makes it impossible for you to wear sandals? If you do, now is the time for you to make that appointment to the doctor and try to solve your problem. The weather is warming up and it is time for your toes to get some air. What could your doctor say is your problem? Here are a few of the most common foot problems that can prevent you from wearing sandals this year.


Bunions are bony bumps that are found on the base of the big toe. These bumps will cause the toe to deviate toward the others and throw your foot out of alignment. They can cause pain, cause arthritis to set in and cause corns to begin to form.

Bunions can be helped by taking pain relievers, using pads to help cushion the bunion itself, using shoe inserts and at the last resort surgery.

Corns or Calluses

Friction can cause the skin to become thick and hard. Over time these thick and hard areas of the skin will die and corns and calluses will begin to form.

When the areas become cone shapes and begin to point into the skin, they are known as corns. Calluses are more diffuse than corns. However, both are caused by friction of the skin.

You can treat a corn with over the counter moleskin pads and calluses will usually go away on their own once the friction is removed, such as a rubbing action of a shoe against a foot.


Gout is a sudden pain or redness that happens in basically any area of the foot. This pain can also lead to swelling. However, it is more common to happen to the big toe or the area surrounding the big toe. This condition is caused by the body have too much uric acid. It can also last for days or weeks.

Gout can be treated with inflammatory medication. However, if you think you have this condition it is best to seek the advice of your physician.

Plantar Warts

Plantar Warts are a contagious wart that is caused by a virus. This virus is entered through the body through broken skin. They are characterized by tough, growths that develop on the bottom of your foot. It is generally caught in public showers or pools. They are harmless. However, they are painful. Topical salicylic acid may help. However, you may also want to consider seeking medical attention because your physician can easily freeze them off for you.

Don’t allow any of the above foot problems keep you from wearing sandals this you. See medical advice for them and get your feet back in shape before summer ends.