Follow, Like Online to Keep Up with the Royal Wedding

COMMENTARY | Technology plays an important role in our lives today. I can get on the Internet and find any information I need in just a few minutes. This Friday, a royal couple will be walking down the aisle and millions of people around the country will be celebrating this event.

How does technology play a part in the royal wedding? It’s simple. I can hop on my computer and, in a matter of seconds, get the scoop on all the happenings that surround Prince William and Kate Middleton’s most important day.

I remember my excitement as a teen when Prince Charles and Diana Spencer got married. Things were a bit different back then without the Internet and cell phones to rely on for minute by minute coverage. We did, however, have all the news coverage that we do now.

The excitement of these two events has not changed for me, but the way I get the information about the events leading up to them has been amazing. I have googled many times to search for the info I am searching for. I love that I feel closer to the happenings of the royal wedding through all of the technology this time around.


The official royal wedding site is the best place I have found that has all the up to date information on the wedding preparations, the making of the reception and tons of other information. I also like to keep updated by the “Good Morning America” team. Not only do they broadcast live from London, but they also have loads of information on their website.


The British Monarchy has a great Facebook page that was set up not too long ago. Not only does it have the royal wedding events, but you also can learn much about the monarchy. They have an area on this page where you can post how you will be celebrating the royal wedding: a great way to keep in touch with royalty.


The official royal family channel will be live streaming the wedding Friday.


Twitter is a great way to keep updated as things happen. I have found several people who are tweeting in real time over the whole event. Clarence House is a good source to follow with many updates on William’s marriage to Kate and other info about the couple even after the wedding is over. A couple of entertainment twitters to follow are Enews and eonline. Katie Nicholl and the GMA team are my personal favorites to follow. With all of the trending topics about the wedding, it is so easy to find people who are posting updates.


Yes, you can even get apps for your cell phone. You can get a Westminster Abbey royal wedding app that takes you inside the church where the wedding will happen. Another great app comes from iTunes with many photos and a countdown to the wedding.