Flyer Marketing Campaign Process

In this tutorial, I will teach you the proper flyer marketing campaign process. Flyer printing and marketing is not as simple as you think.

You will need specific plans and strategies to make sure that those color flyers arrive to the right hands in the right times that make them effective. So listen and learn from the steps listed below. This will make your output well worth the cost of producing them.

1. Market research ‘” The first step is market research. Never do your marketing without doing research first. Market research gives you a direction and a more concerted message that will affect readers better. Without it, you will just be printing blindly, hoping that other people will think just as you do. So do the work and do your research. Believe me, knowledge is real power in this case, knowing more helps you have better performance in marketing.

2. Creation ‘” The next step is creation. Using the market research that you just did, you will need to create a good flyer design and compose some engaging content. My suggestion for this phase is for you to create not just a beautiful design, but also a more customized design aimed at your target readers. The more you can talk to your readers on a personal level, the more you can convince them to respond to your marketing message. So keep this in mind as you explore your creativity with design.

3. Printing ‘” In this phase, the main thing that you should concentrate on is the choices. It is crucial that you choose good quality paper materials as well as high quality inks. Typically, I would recommend glossy type paper materials for the best design impact, but if you cannot afford that, I would say that you go for at least full color water resistant inks and paper. Such will be exposed to all sorts of environmental situations and it is best to protect them at all costs to lengthen their understandably short lives.

4. Deployment ‘” After printing, comes the deployment phase. To make sure that you do your marketing correctly, it is important that you use your market research that you done earlier to direct your deployment strategies. It is important that you deploy your custom flyers right at the prime locations where your target people go to and concentrate. Besides public places like malls, parks and sporting arenas, you should consider distributing on areas like train stations and bus stops. By always going where people stay or pass by a lot every day, you can maximize your marketing and get to the people that you need.

5. Advanced deployment ‘” Lastly, after doing some standard deployment tasks, you can go for more advanced types of deployment. For example, you can use intricately folded flyers as accents to your product packaging. You can piggyback them with other printed distributable items such as press kits, catalogs, direct mail marketing letters etc. This allows you to be extensive with marketing getting that presence out to the key people you are marketing to.

Now you know about the typical process. You should do this basic process to get real results. Just adjust and improve the plan when necessary depending on your flyer printing.

Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in print flyers and flyer printing that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.