Flower Messages and Meanings

Flowers have secret messages and meanings when they are given to someone or sent as gifts. A bouquet of red tulips may be a declaration of love or a message, “Believe Me” from the sender. A bouquet of pink carnations may say I’ll never forget you. Some bouquets may be sent to reunite lovers. Yellow chrysanthemums signify a secret admirer. Flowers may also have significance as a favorite flower or color, a nostalgic remembrance, birthday flower or token of love.

Acacia flowers may represent concealed love, chaste love or beauty in retirement. The lovely alstroemeria lilies convey the sentiment of aspiring. Amaryllis flowers represent dramatic, pride and pastoral poetry. Ambrosia flowers may say your love is reciprocated. The anemones send a message of fragile or forsaken. Arbutus flowers may say thee only do I love. Azaleas may represent abundance, temperance, fragile passion or convey the message take care of yourself for me. Azaleas are also a Chinese symbol of womanhood. Bachelor buttons may signify anticipation or single blessedness. Apple blossoms whisper of promise.

Asters represent contentment or daintiness and asters are a symbol of love. Baby’s breath flowers convey festivity. Bells of Ireland say good luck. Begonias deliver messages of beware and deep thoughts. Bittersweet flowers may have a message of truth. The black eyed Susan conveys encouragement. Bluebells may represent humility. Cactus flowers represent endurance. Camellias in general signify graciousness. Pink camellias deliver a longing for you message. Red camellias may convey a you’re a flame in my heart message. White camellias say you’re adorable.

Carnations in general may say fascination or woman love. Solid color carnations may represent yes. Pink carnations deliver an I’ll never forget you message. Red carnations may represent admiration or say flashy. Striped carnations may represent refusal or say no, sorry I can’t be with you, wish I could be with you. White carnations may signify remembrance, innocence, pure love, a woman’s good luck gift or sweet and lovely. Yellow carnations may represent cheerful or rejection or say you have disappointed me. Purple carnations may represent capriciousness.

Chrysanthemums in general represent cheerfulness and rest and say you’re a wonderful friend. Bronze chrysanthemums represent excitement. White mums may represent truth. Red chrysanthemums convey a sharing message. Yellow chrysanthemums may indicate a secret admirer. Cosmos have a peaceful meaning. Croci signify foresight. Daffodils represent chivalry. Delphiniums may represent boldness. Daisies convey innocence. Daisies may represent loyal love or purity. Freesia may send a spirited message. The forget me not flowers may say remember me forever, memories or true love.

Forsythia may indicate anticipation. Gardenias send a message of joy. Geranium flowers signify comfort. The ginger flowers send a proud message. Gladiolus flowers may deliver an I’m really sincere message or a strength of character message. Heather may signify solitude. Hibiscus flowers represent delicate beauty. Holly is a sign of domestic happiness. Hyacinth flowers convey sincerity. White hyacinths may say I’ll pray for you. Yellow hyacinths may represent jealousy. Hydrangea may signify perseverance. Irises represent wisdom, valor, faith, hope, inspiration or say my compliments or your friendship means so much to me. A gift of ivy may represent fidelity. Jasmine flowers indicate grace and elegance.

The larkspur flowers may mean beautiful spirit. Lavender flowers may imply distrust. Lilac flowers may represent first love. Calla lilies say regal. Casablanca lilies may indicate celebration. Day lilies may indicate enthusiasm. Stargazer lilies may mean ambition. The lisianthus flowers may signify calming. Magnolia blooms may mean dignity. Marigolds may represent cruelty, grief, jealousy or desire for riches. Nasturtium flowers represent patriotism. Orange blossoms may speak of fertility. Orchids signify delicate beauty. Pansies may send loving thoughts. Passion flowers may send a message of passion. Peonies may signify consolation or healing.

Primrose flowers may represent young love or say I cannot live without you. Queen Anne’s lace is a token of delicate femininity. Ranunculus says radiant. The rhododendron may send a beware warning.

Roses represent love. Pink roses may communicate friendship. Red roses may represent passionate love. Red and white roses may signify unity. White roses may convey a message of purity. Yellow roses may mean zealous. Snapdragons may say presumptuous. The star of Bethlehem represents hope. Stephanotis may represent good luck, happiness in marriage or desire to travel. Statice are a sign of success. Sunflowers may speak of adoration. Sweetpeas may represent shyness. Tuberose flowers may indicate pleasure. Pink tulips indicate caring. Purple tulips signify royalty. Red roses may be a declaration of love. White roses may mean forgiveness. Yellow tulips may whisper hopelessly in love. Violet tulips may represent faithfulness.