Flower Candy Wedding Centerpiece

The closer you get to your wedding day the more nervous you become, right? Well, sure, you have a lot to take care of and much to worry over. Try to relax, though. The calmer you are the better chances you have of pulling off the perfect wedding. And it will be, won’t it? The beautiful gown, the gorgeous flowers – every detail has been taken care of. Except for the reception. Have you made the plans yet for the reception? You’ll have to have foods, decorations, and don’t forget the party favors. Why not make one thing be two? That is, if you make candy flowers as your decorations you’ll also have your favors taken care of at the same time.

Decide on two or more colors for the candy bouquets that look like flowers but are edible. Guests will enjoy the colors and types of candy flowers just to look at, but on their way out of the reception, they can each grab a “flower” as a party favor.

Choose two or more colors for the flowers and choose candies in those colors. They can be the same colors as you use in your wedding color scheme or a different choice. Online you can purchase candies of any shape, size and color. Locally, you can still find colorful candies like Red Hots, Gummis, LifeSavers, M&Ms, breath mints, licorice and more. Even if you’re only using one or two colors try to find different candies in those colors so that each flower won’t look the same.

Lay a piece of clear cellophane on the table. Scoop about a third of a cup of the chosen candy and pour it onto the cellophane. Tie a twist-tie around it so that it’s tight and secure. Cut an additional piece of cellophane, lay the wrapped candies on it, push a floral pick, wooden dowel, skewer or similar item into the middle of the first wrap. Wrap the second cellophane around the first, trapping the stick, then twisting another twist-tie on to secure it all.

Push a Styrofoam ball into the chosen vase. Push the finished candy flower into the vase by inserting the stick into the ball. Now make more flowers and add them to the vase. Try to shape each flower just a bit different to add interest to the bouquet. When you’re finished, tuck a silk or real leaf, here and there, into the bouquet.

Set the bouquets of candy flowers on the tables at the reception as the decorations and offer the guests a “flower” on the way home. Be sure to take a picture of the bouquets before you set them out, though. You won’t want to forget just how lovely they were!

Candy bouquet video how-to here.