Florence and the Machine Breathe Passion into “Lungs”

Florence and the Machine is a woman and her backing band that I have seen a few times on late night talk shows, or SNL, or some television venue such as those. Her “Dog Days Are Over” song is the only one I really recall, however, and I decided that since there seemed to be so much praise out there for the group tha I should become more familiar with other songs. “Lungs” is the name of the debut album from Florence and the Machine and I gave it a listen.

“Dog Days Are Over”: A stunning piece of musical art that is as pop hook catchy as it is rock fan entertaining. “Dog Days Are Over” has been overexposed though and I tired of it long before this listening. Years from now, perhaps it will stand out again.

“Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)”: A roar of choir rock that Florence leads without ever wavering in passion. This song has mashed together a lot of sound elements, definitely one to play a few more times to admire the full scope of it.

“I’m Not Calling You A Liar”: The way this love song stomps into a rousing piece with Florence belting out the lyrics is good, but the vocals, while with some good tone, were a bit rambling to me with the lyrics.

“Howl”: Florence and the Machine are primed to take over the dance floor at the club with this clap, stomp, let the lights wash over your booze washed mind track. You can lose yourself in this music and not feel as guilty as when Britney Spears takes you by the hand into crazy land.

“Kiss With A Fist”: A short violent outburst of pop rock with repetitive lines that really didn’t do anything for me.

“Girl With One Eye”: Delightfully gruesome lyrics as she talks about cutting out a girls eye and that girl must now sleep with one eye open. She’s not done cutting or molesting and this strum along jangle rock song should get a dirty grin from you with its sly construction.

“Drumming Song”: There is a subliminal disco build up behind this rock song, but with more lyrical substance than a disco song. There are some moments where one could think, “heavy up the guitars and you’ve got Evanescence.”

“Between Two Lungs”: Another sweeping vocal performance, too much of a good thing is a problem here, and the clap-a-snap sounds are annoying. Kudos for making music with real lyrics though.

“Cosmic Love”: A rising, yowl of epic drum and piano proportions, that theatrically changes wave lengths to soft heart in outer space vocals, before rising again over the beat. It could catch you and inspire you, I’m not feeling it right now, but it has plenty of get-up and get-up potential on repeat listens.

“My Boy Builds Coffins”: A decent tune, telling about how her boy makes coffins, making a life out of death I suppose, but it’s not just for work and it’s not just for play she says. This song follows the main formula Florence and the Machine have been following for the album and if you’re listening to the record as a whole instead of single hopping it can get lost; though I like the concept behind the tale.

“Hurricane Drink”: The music reminds me of ice clinking in a glass or rain falling in a light store, though her vocals sweep into loud thunder against the melody. Once again the main “formula” is pinning down the wings of the song. However, this is another song that has a less a rock and more of a commercial pop appeal.

“Blinding”: Florence brings ballads out of the sweet whispers and into being drum marching rapture music. This song started a bit rough for me, but as it carried along I found I was happy to be joined in the journey via the canals of my ears.

“You’ve Got The Love”: A cover song and it shows as it is less artist and more human in some ways lyrically. Passion carries on the delivery of some of the lines, but not enough for me not to be bored on first listen. Cut out a clip and play it during a movie and it could create the waterworks for the scene.