Floral Remedies- Cherry Plum

Native to southeastern Europe and Asia, the cherry plum can be seen growing wild in fields and along the roadsides. A small tree, considered by some to be a large shrub, the cherry plum blossoms between February and April, adorned by small, white, five petal flowers. Depending on the variety, its fruit reaches maturity between early July and mid September, is safe for consumption, and commonly used for making jam.

Often mistaken for a cherry tree, the cherry plum blossoms appear in clusters prior to its leaves. The edges of its leaves resemble small, rounded teeth and boast a glossy green color. A popular ornamental tree, the cherry plum is a favorite with landscapers due to its early flowering. But as a homeopathic remedy, the cherry plum is valued for its fruity essence and ability to calm.

Cherry plum treatments encourage peacefulness for those facing difficult times. It is said that the cherry plum remedy is most beneficial for people in extreme states of frantic desperation or those who are fearful of losing control. Acts of self-destruction and thoughts of suicide can be relieved and perspective can be regained, all by using the cherry plum remedy. Easily prepared, flower essences are said to be vibrational remedies and claim to balance the energy of our own personal electrical fields. Although floral essences are safe and edible, they are most easily taken by simply mixing them with water. Four drops of cherry plum essence per half cup of water, consumed at least four times daily is the recommended dose for over all well-being.

After two to six weeks, you should feel balanced, secure, strengthened and calm, not to mention more playful and spontaneous in your emotions and everyday activities. Cherry plum is also recommended and safe for children, especially those suffering from night terrors, teeth grinding, and bed-wetting. Children who display these tendencies are often under so much strain in their day-to-day lives and so consumed by keeping it together during the day that their fears escape them during the periods they should be restfully sleeping. When untreated and unacknowledged these behaviors do nothing more than add to the child’s mounting stress. Without stress, adults and children alike can be happy, productive human beings. As with all other natural cures, consult your doctor before use.


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