Flak Vest Devotion #13 – Weapon System Protection

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)

Depending on the types of weapon assets on a military installation, you will find various stages of security systems in place to defend the system. An Air Force base with fighter jets would have different security than a training base with no combat weapons.

If nuclear weapons are present, there will be layers upon layers of security. Without nuclear weapons, you could scale a fence on an installation and likely end up on the ground with handcuffs and a rifle pointing at you. However, try scaling a fence with nuclear weapons and you will end up with a funeral scheduled for later that week. The military is very serious when it comes to defending the nation’s nuclear assets and deadly force is authorized to prevent their loss.

Not just in the military, but throughout society we protect those things that are most valuable to us. A jewelry store would likely have different security systems than possibly an ice cream shop. How much more should Christians protect their testimony and their spiritual life? We know that we have all been placed on this earth for a purpose. Our testimony is an asset that no one can really argue with. We can debate certain elements of theological systems, but no one can dismiss what God has done for you personally in your life. Therefore, your testimony is a thing of value that needs to be cared for and cherished.

This should impact our decision making process. Instead of deciding merely based on whether the activity is expressly forbidden in Scripture, we begin to make decisions based on how the activity will affect those in our realms of influence. While things like alcohol may not be directly prohibited, there are considerations to take into account regarding how our testimony will be impacted by our use. A person would not want to drink a beer in close proximity with someone who is struggling with alcoholism. Having an occasional cigar may not be a sin, but you wouldn’t want to light up when you are near someone that is trying to kick the addiction of cigarettes.

We should also protect our testimony from putting ourselves in compromising situations. For instance, it is wise for a man to not have lunch with a female that he is not married to. When it is unavoidable due to occupational situations, it is important for a man to call his wife so she is aware of the situation. Our testimony is very important because it is through our story that God uses us to reach people. We may not put a perimeter fence, alarm system and Army soldiers around our testimony but we can ensure we protect it.

Lord, help me to have wisdom today that helps me to not compromise my Christian testimony. Help me to not cause a brother to stumble. Help me to protect the gift of life that you have entrusted me with.