Five Tips for Setting Up a Buffet Style Barbecue Table

Barbecue season is in full swing, and many are already starting to plan out their weekends. Of course if you are planning to have some friends over there are some things that you should and should not do. When it comes to setting out your barbecue food I have learned several tips that will keep your food warm, and provide your guests with everything that they need. You will also not find yourself running in and out of the house for stuff that you guests may need. If you have any additional tips of your own you can put them in the comments section below this article.

Put buckets to good use

If you visit your local dollar store, or even you’re local Wal-Mart, you can purchase some nice size metal buckets, or even some plastic ones. I have found that these buckets can really add to the decor of the barbecue. You can fill the bucket with ice, and then put the condiments around the ice. Don’t set this out until right before the start of the party. It will help to keep the items nice and cool, and will be there when your guests need it. You can even decorate the bucket if you want to add a little something special.

Pans and foil can go a long way

To serve your food use metal pans and then keep them covered as much as possible with piece of foil. The pans will help to keep the food warm, and the foil will also keep the heat in. For vegetables you can put them in a pan also, and season them.

Crock pots come in handy

If you have a crock pot you can use this to keep your items warm as well. For example you can put plenty of pieces of corn in a crock-pot, and put a few pieces of butter in the pot as well. You can do this with a variety of food, and it will keep the heat in as well.

Arrange your food the right way

Start by arranging your food on the buffet table the right way. Group the vegetables together, and make sure the burgers are located near the buns. It may sound simple but you will be surprised at how many people just end up tossing items out on the table with no thought for order. Even your eating utensils should be grouped together along with your napkins. This keeps things neat and organized.

Leave space for the extras

Most guests end up bringing something when they come to a barbecue. This being the case you will want to leave a little space on your table for these extra items. This way you will not have to mess up your table arrangement each time a new guest arrives.