Five Steps to Achieve Balance

Many of us go through life like an energizer bunny, and I admit I’m also one of those bunnies! However, at some point we must take a step back from our tasks and find some balance. If you are always running around doing this and being there, are you balance? If you look closely in your life, you will find that there is something you are spending more time on and sometimes you do not necessarily need to spend all the time that you do on it. Perhaps your career takes up all your time and by the time you get home, you are too tired to spend time in prayer. Even when we are spending time achieving great goals and striving to do better, you may find that you are not balance at all. If you often feel overly stress, exhausted, tired, overwhelm or sometimes feel like your mind is busy, yet you are not really doing any thinking- You are not balance and it is time to achieve some balance. Whenever I start to feel overwhelm by simple things, I find that I am not balance at all.

What does it mean to be balance? Being balance means to balance everyday life with everyday chores and goals. It means to successfully do two or more things simultaneously. For me the most important thing about being balance, is having peace. Balance is suppose to bring peace in your mind and physical being. Whenever you start to lose your peace over your goals and chores, something needs to be adjusted. This adjustment may include limiting the time you spend on certain things or even eliminated it from your life. One of most important thing you will cherish in your life is peace and achieving balance in your everyday life will give you that. So in order to achieve balance, you may first address what is taking away your peace? Examine, what are the tasks that feel more like a frustration than an accomplishment. Secondly, examine your time, how much time are you spending on social media networks? How much time you spend watching television? Time is valuable and you should learn to use it wisely. Moreover, you will often find that you are spending more time on nonessential things. Third, examine the quality of the things that you are spending time on. For example, watching reality shows all day versus reading an educational book. Are the things taking up your time, worth it? Fourth, get organize. Purchase an organizer, mark your calendars and plan accordingly. You do not have to do or be everything for everybody. The purpose of an organizer is so you can clearly see what you can and cannot do on certain days and time. When you can clearly look at your calendar and see that you will not have time for certain things, don’t try to force yourself to do it. Lastly, make time for yourself. No matter what goals you are achieving, if you do not make time to take care of you, you can’t successfully achieve these goals. Making time for yourself includes, taking care of your health, eating right, exercising, resting, going on vacations, having fun and most importantly maintaining your peace.